Top Reasons To Visit Honduras

There are top reasons to visit Honduras for different kinds of tourists. Honduras has nature spots for ecotourists, Mayan ruins for people mesmerized by history and archaeology, beaches for sun lovers, corals and marine life for divers and snorkelers, and finally, clubs and bars for those who love the night scene. You can be one or more of these different types of tourists. No matter your preference, you will surely find your own personal reasons for visiting Honduras.

Montañas de la Sierra de Agalta Rainforest, Olancho. Honduras

Montañas de la Sierra de Agalta Rainforest, Olancho. Honduras

Nature offers spectacular sights no matter where you are in the world. Honduras is no different. Due to its strategic location, the country has a tropical climate. In turn, this allowed an exotic rainforest and equally rare flora and fauna to thrive. So if you happen to love nature, the best place to visit in Honduras is the Cusuco National Park. It features a great diversity of plants, animals, and landscapes. Other places to see for nature sightseeing are Cerro Azul de Copán, La Tigra, and Montaña Santa Bárbara National Parks.

Then of course are the beaches. For anyone who adores the sun and sand, they are among the top reasons to visit Honduras. The beaches of Bay Islands are of note because they are less crowded than most Caribbean destinations. West Bay of Roatan Island also has great beaches but if you want an offbeat option, the coast of Punta Sal National Park is your best bet. Some of the country’s beaches offer diving and snorkelling opportunities. Hog Islands, Guanaja, Roatan, the Bay of Honduras, and Utilan have amazing coral reefs teeming with marine life in surrounding waters.

Tourists who fancy history more than they do nature would still love the Honduras. As one of the Central American countries occupied by Mayans, it now hosts a plethora of pre-Colombian ruins and art of this ancient civilization. The ruins of Copan are the most well-preserved Mayan site throughout Honduras and Central America. Two of its main highlights are Las Sepulturas and stellae which consists of hieroglyphs. Chichen and Itza are two more interesting Mayan ruin sites. They are among the top reasons to visit Honduras.

National bird, Ara macao

National bird, Ara macao

Last but not the least is the nightlife. Tourists can party until the wee hours of the morning at San Pedro but there are also places where one can watch a movie to end their night. Tegucigalpa is a great city for people who enjoy rum. The beverage is served in bars across this city. Even the colonial towns of Cracias and Comayagua have active night scenes in the form of small bars playing live, local music.


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