The Top Reasons to Visit Guatemala: The Mayan Ruins

The top reasons to visit Guatamala are the Mayan ruins.  The Mayan Empire is one of the most intriguing ancient civilizations. Pre-existing Mayan settlements were found throughout Central America, stomach including Guatemala. This explains why Guatemala has seven ruins. Without a doubt, erectile they are among the country’s top tourist spots. The seven Mayan ruins of Guatemala are Aguateca, El Mirador, El Peru, Iximche, Nakúm, Tikal, and Yaxhá.

Aguateca is in Peten and consists of crumbling temples and stelae. The ruins are neither large nor impressive but their extent of preservation is impeccable. Aguateca is surrounded by a tropical forest but getting there is not as challenging. El Mirador is an extensive Mayan ruin which you will also find in Peten. The site stretches for two kilometres and has plenty of buildings such as the El Tigre Pyramid and Danta Complex. Not that many people go see El Mirador though because getting there is exceptionally difficult.

El Peru or Waká is often the source of looted Mayan artifacts. The only way to access it would be to take a three-day trip from Flores. Iximche, formerly a fortified Mayan city, is an average-sized ruin accessible via highways. Again it is not one of those sites that will impress you with its art and architecture but its location makes it a convenient tourist spot. In contrast to the late Iximche is Nakúm ruin, a classical Mayan site which can be reached from Flores, Melchor de Mencos, or Santa Elena.

Tikal National Park, The main plaza during winter solstice celebrations

Tikal National Park, The main plaza during winter solstice celebrations

Tikal is by far the best Mayan ruin and one of the top reasons to visit Guatemala. As of this date it is an ongoing archeological site. Remotely located in the middle of a jungle, the trip there is quite enjoyable. It dates back to the Classic Period and believed to be one of the biggest and most relevant cities of the Mayan Empire.

Last on the list of the seven Mayan ruins in Guatemala is Yaxhá. Like Aguateca and El Mirador, it is part of the Peten region. Yaxhá along with the aforementioned ruins are must-see attractions in the country.


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