5 Luxuries worth the Splurge on Your Next Costa Rica Vacation


Splurging on a luxury is a fun way to make your Costa Rica vacation memorable. On the other hand, overpaying is never fun. The trick with splurging is value. If a service or activity costs a little more than your budget, but is totally worth it, then it is a good splurge. Below are our five favorite splurges. While they may cost you a little more money, they will leave you feeling great and are totally worth the extra cash.

Costa Rica Luxury Hotels

1. Jungle Spa. You can get a massage anywhere, and you know what: it is a pretty good splurge on its own. When in Costa Rica, take your spa treatment to the next level with a jungle spa treatment. Costa Rica is filled with neat little spas scattered through the rain forest. Some clever spa owners have taken advantage of the tranquility of the rainforest to create the perfect spa destinations. There is no need at these spas to pipe in wave sounds to cover street noise. Your only distraction will be the call of a howler monkey or the cry of a scarlet macaw. It is one of those experiences your mind will drift to for many years to come.

Costa Rica Hotel Pool View

2. Boutique Hotel. Stay in a quirky Costa Rica boutique hotel. The beach is great and you are sure to spend plenty of time there. The large hotels along the beach tend to be touristy. You can find a unique boutique hotel ten minutes from the beach. They offer more privacy, greater personal service and a unique experience. If you need to sleep next to a souvenir shop, then go ahead and stay in the center of one of the tourist towns. For a truly special experience, stay at a luxury boutique hotel.

3. Surf with a legend. Costa Rica has a budding surf culture. Blessed with great waves, warm water and friendly locals, it is a favorite destination for beginner to advanced surfers. Surf legend Robert August offers guided surf tours through Costa Rica. Robert put Costa Rica on the map when he surfed its empty waves in the surf classic The Endless Summer II. Besides knowing all the breaks inside and out, Robert is a truly nice guy and a great host. His stories alone are worth the price of the tour. For more advanced surfers, you can hire former ASP World Tour surfer Brad Gerlach. Brad can give you expert tips to improve your surfing. However, many guests report they just surf better when surfing with a former world tour pro.

Costa Rica Fishing Trip

4. Boat Rental. There are many sunset catamaran tours available. They are a lot of fun and great if you want to socialize with 30 to 60 new people. Depending on the size of your group, you may want to charter a boat for the day. There are sailboats that can take as few as 6 passengers for the same cost as one of the catamaran booze cruises. However, you are in charge. If you happen to see humpback whales migrating by and want to get a closer look, you can ask the captain to change course. It’s a fantastic day for a group of friends or family.

Costa Rica Cooking Classes

5. Cooking Classes. Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they call themselves, are an extremely warm and welcoming people. They are justifiably proud of their country and culture. Perhaps their best attribute is they like to have fun. Take advantage of the Ticos’ gracious hospitality by taking a cooking class featuring a local Costa Rican chef. Blessed with amazing local fresh produce and fresh caught fish or locally provided protein, whatever you create will be delicious. However, spending time with a local, enjoying a glass of wine while you cook and learning a little about the local cuisine is a great time and will leave a lasting memory. Ask the concierge at your Costa Rica luxury hotel for a list of available cooking classes.

Costa Rica is a great vacation destination. With some well thought out splurges, you can turn your fun Costa Rican holiday into one of your best vacations ever.

Los Altos de Eros is a 5-Star boutique hotel and luxury spa situated on a 27 acre estate with
stunning views of the Pacific and surrounding tropical forest. In addition to its world famous spa, the hotel offers yoga and cooking classes as well as a myriad of other eco tours and attractions. Please inquire about our luxury honeymoon/wedding packages.

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