Top Tourist Attractions In US Virgin Islands

The top tourist attractions in US Virgin Islands are popular amongst Americans. Maybe it’s because the islands offer the convenience of domestic travel. Maybe because they are completely different from the mainland’s attractions. Whatever the reason, store the US Virgin Islands is a great destination for anyone who adores nature and a little bit of history. Here are the best attractions of the islands.

Sunset at Caneel Bay, <a href=

sales St. John Island” src=”” width=”600″ height=”399″ /> Sunset at Caneel Bay, St. John Island

#1: Virgin Islands National Park

The park encompasses two thirds of St. John Island and most of its attractions namely Annaberg Plantation, Caneel Bay, and Trunk Bay. Virgin Islands National Park is free but guests are required to pay $4 to enter Trunk Bay. Sailboats, kayaks, and aquatic gear may also be rented from Cinnamon Bay.

Tourists can enjoy the park in numerous ways. Apart from sightseeing and the occasional swim at the beach, you can hike any of the 22 available trails. Guests are also allowed to camp at the beaches. However, campsites need to be reserved beforehand.

Annaberg Plantation is one of the top tourist attractions in US Virgin Islands. In the past it was used in the production of rum, sugar, and molasses. These days it offers tours on sugar production during the 18th and 19th centuries. At certain times of the day, demonstration of basket weaving and bread baking are available.

Caneel Bay is a free beach even if it’s part of the Caneel Bay Resort. Unless you’re staying in nearby luxury resorts, getting there proves to be difficult. Trunk Bay is one of the best beaches in USVI. For $4 it already offers amenities including bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms. A must-try in Trunk Bay is the Underwater Trail. It is a snorkeling path that will take you through sights of corals and marine life.

#2: Cruzan Rum Distillery

If you like rum or Cruzan Rum for that matter, a trip to this distillery is a must. The tour takes about 20 minutes and you can spend the rest of your day at the bar, drinking Cruzan Rum. Getting a bottle is discouraged though because it’s cheaper at Kmart.

Magens Bay from Mountain Top, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Magens Bay from Mountain Top, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

#3: Estate Whim Plantation Museum

Historically, the plantation was used to produce sugar cane. Today it offers tours of a windmill, bath house, and the Frederiksted Museum. The tour also details 18th century life of a Cruzan. The Estate Whim Plantation Museum is one of the top tourist attractions in US Virgin Islands.


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