Top Tourist Attractions In Saint Lucia

The top tourist attractions in Saint Lucia can be accessed through different means of public transportation. As an island country, public transport in Saint Lucia ranges from the typical to unconventional methods. The main modes of transportation in the island include taxis, buses, and rental cars but you can also ride water and helicopter taxis to get around attractions.

St Lucia beach

St Lucia beach

Travelers usually ride taxis to get around the top tourist attractions in Saint Lucia. Taxi rides are arranged by hotels, taxi agencies, and operators. Rides arranged by hotels and resorts tend to be the most expensive but they usually offer foods and drinks along with these services. If you want a cheaper fare, it is best that you arrange services from a local operator. You can ask the hotel staff and locals for contact information of taxi operators and agencies. Taxi fares may be fixed if you get their contact numbers via your hotel however. So your best option would be to acquire their numbers from other sources.

A lot of taxi drivers offer group tours of Saint Lucia for $145. Each person is charged this amount and the van is filled with 6 to 12 people. Tours run around resorts, markets, and other top tourist attractions in Saint Lucia.

The cheapest way to get around is by taking a bus. Buses in Saint Lucia are small vans that can accommodate 10 to 14 people. Buses show up irregularly but can be frequently spotted in both rural and urban areas. Interiors of these buses are decorated and play Caribbean music on the background.

Saint Lucia Le Sport

Saint Lucia Le Sport

Water taxis are great ways to get around as well, especially when traveling short distances across water. Tourists usually take water taxis to travel to, from, and within beaches and coastal towns. Water taxi drivers charge high for a ride but you can bargain with them. You may also hop on a helicopter ride if you want to travel from Hewannora to Vigie Airport. It’s expensive but a great way to see the island’s landscape. You may also rent a car to get around Saint Lucia for USD $12 each day or USD $21 for three months. Rental cars in the island are left-handed and require a driver’s permit.


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