Top Tourist Attractions In Saint-Barthélemy

The top tourist attractions in Saint-Barthélemy are Caribbean in nature. After all, it is a Caribbean island. But they also bear a hint of French influences because apart from being Caribbean, Saint-Barthélemy is an overseas territory of France. The marriage of both cultures make it an interesting destination in the Caribbean and no less interesting than its motherland. Much like France, it is known for its authentic French cuisine and fashionable boutiques.

St. Barts coastline

St. Barts coastline


Lorient is the site of the first French settlement in Saint-Barthélemy. One of its main highlights is a 19th century Catholic Church. The beaches of Lorient are quite popular with the locals but so are its cemeteries. During All Soul’s and All Saint’s day, candlelight prayers are led by local parish priests at these graveyards.

The 17th century Norman manor is one of the top tourist attractions in Saint-Barthélemy located in Lorient. Originally, it came from France but was shipped there in pieces and rebuilt in 1984. A lily pond, waterfall, and beautifully landscaped garden surrounds the manor which doubles as a bed-and-breakfast accommodation.

Eglise de Lorient is another interesting sight in Lorient. It is a church made of local stones. These stones, believe it or not, were shaped by women. The church also has conch shells as holy water basins.


The neighborhood features red-roofed cottages and a beautiful beach known under the same name. Unfortunately, you can only reach Colombier if you take a boat or go hiking.

Saint Jean

The beach town is known for its beach but has also become a destination for shopping and dining. Made in Saint Barth is the best place to go in Saint Jean for some souvenirs. The boutique is housed inside a traditional plaster house and sells locally-made jewelry, pottery, rum, and fragrant oils. Some books are also sold here.

Saint Barts from Space

Saint Barts from Space


The fishing village is often called “straw village” by tourists. Local women are quite fond of making hats and handicrafts made of palm fronds. If you walk around, you may spot old women wearing traditionall clothes such as quichenotte and white sunbonnets. One of the top tourist attractions in Saint-Barthélemy found here is the Ingenu Magras Inter Ocean Museum and its wide collection of more than 9,000 shells from all over the world. It is the personal collection of Ingenu Magra, a local who started collecting shells in 1925 as a boy. Each year, you will find more shells being added into the growing museum.


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