Top Tourist Attractions In Aruba

The top tourist attractions in Aruba are among the finest Caribbean destinations recommended for vacation. This unique island nation is located north of Venezuela and one of the chain archipelagos of the Antilles Region. It was also a Spanish colony, pharm whose 15th Century civilization is deeply embedded in the country’s cultural identity after replacing the virtually extinct natives called the Arawak. Around 1636, viagra sale the Dutch took over and ruled undisputed for two centuries. During the Napoleonic Wars the British temporarily captured it in 1799 before handing it over to its former governors. Now a free nation, the foreigners visiting this land comprised of tourists who came to be conquered by its beauty.

1. Oranjestad City

Here in Oranjestad City lies the authentic architecture of the Dutch people which makes it quite unique and exclusive – though the concept originated from a plebian medieval Germanic layout. An extensive row of conjoined houses painted in pastel shades composed the majority of the urban structures, with modern touches that make it less anachronistic. This is the island nation’s capital city and one of the top tourist attractions in Aruba. This city is located on the western coasts, affronting the beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the busy fishing wharf in between.

City of Oranjestad

City of Oranjestad

2. The California Lighthouse

One man’s misfortune is another man’s fame, or so the quotation says ambiguously. But the thought remains true about what started the existence of California Lighthouse. On September 23, 1891 an English Victorian wooden ship called California was bound for Venezuela when they run aground off the northwest corner of Aruba. The treacherous naval route prompted the government to build a lighthouse in apologetic homage to the vessel that got stuck on their rugged shores. Now it is among the top tourist attractions in Aruba, and added to this sight is the California White Sand Dunes as a dune-surfing theme park made for children.

3. Bushiribana Gold Mill

The gold mining dream that gave birth to the Bushiribana Gold Mill began from a simple story of a boy who found a piece of gold nugget while playing at a dry creek bed in 1824. Locals then began collecting gold from the area and selling it to the government according to favorable speculation. It took thirty years for proprietors what would be known as the Aruba Island Gold Mining Company to gain exclusive concession in creating a mining industry. The beautiful remains of this old gold mill are being visited by many curious tourists.

4. The Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge is a peculiar tourist destination simply because land bridges are practically unusual in the present times. Land bridges are virtually gone right after the Post-Ice Age Epoch in prehistory. However, in scientific terms it’s not technically the same land bridge but simply a result of coral limestone formation due to the constant barrage of sea waves, thus forming a wide tunnel through the lower rock face. This coastal venue is often crowded with visitors.


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