Top Things To Know About Visiting Antigua and Barbuda

Laying on beaches like this are a top reason for visiting Antigua and Barbuda...

viagra sans-serif”>There are just a lot of top things to know about visiting Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda are both atolls of the Caribbean that create the nation that is nestled amidst the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Antigua is probably the island which exemplifies the most the contemporary outlook of a little Caribbean spot. With numerous natural reserves to be proud of, sales tourism really reign the entire financial system of the two islands. Barbuda on the other hand has more virgin beaches to boast but has less developed architectural structures to boost its tourism growth.

Shirley Heights is an ancient British military surveillance area on the brink of the mountain just close to the sea. Shirley Heights feature breathtaking sights of Antigua more specifically that of the English port and Nelsons dockland. So if you’re the more interactive type of tourist then you better explore Shirley Heights on a Sunday evening where barbecue blazes, the rum-punch overflows and you can join in the shindigs beneath the beautiful beam of the stars with the nice beats of live reggae bands and songs.

Since Antigua and Barbuda are widely known for their pristine beaches then you better also check out the marine sports that the two islands have to offer. After exploring the islands by land you should also certainly discover the sub aqua splendour that it can showcase. Try scuba diving now and delve into the rich wildlife and coral reefs that will astound not just your sight but your soul as well in more ways than one. If you haven’t tried kayaking in your entire life yet or perhaps you already consider yourself an enthusiast of such sport in that case, you should head to Paddles and be guided through your course as you discover the well-loved mangroves that intersperse the coasts of Antigua and Barbuda.

Among the other exciting and top things to know about visiting Antigua and Barbuda is that it also offers heart-pumping activities such as Ziplining, the Segway Tours, the Barbuda Express excursion, the Helicopter ride around the Montserrat Volcano and the Sting Ray City experience.

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