Top Reasons To Visit St. Martin

Top reasons to visit St. Martin are its blending of Dutch and French influences in the Caribbean. Saint Maarten is a Dutch territory of St. Martin, click an island of the Caribbean. Saint-Martin is the French territory and occupies the remaining half of the island. Saint Maarten and Saint-Martin have distinct attractions which set them apart from the other. But because they share one island, viagra most of their tourist spots are pretty much the same. When travelling to St. Martin, view you should go see the following places which either distinguish or unite these two European territories.

St. Martin has about 37 beaches ranging from crowded to isolate. Most of them are hotel properties. They are the main attractions of the island, ideal for beach swimming and sun bathing. Water sports and snorkelling activities are also available in selected areas.

Marigot, Saint Martin, French side.

Marigot, Saint Martin, French side.

As a European island, many of its beaches are clothing optional. This means that nudity is tolerated. In Saint Maarten, Cupecoy Beach seems to tolerate nude sunbathing but this behavior is not tolerated anywhere else within Dutch territory. The Club Orient Beach in Saint-Martin allows nudity for both sexes. However, women can freely go topless in any beach of the French territory. Maho and Mullet Bay are two more popular beaches in the island but they are limited to the Dutch side of the island, Saint Maarten. Beaches usually have cafés and bars nearby where dishes inspired by Caribbean and European flavours are served alongside refreshing cocktails.

Philipsburg and the Great Bay, Saint Martin island, Caribbean, Dutch side

Philipsburg and the Great Bay, Saint Martin island, Caribbean, Dutch side

Believe it or not, casinos are among the top reasons to visit Saint Maarten. It’s one of the few things that distinguish the Dutch from the French half of St. Martin Island. Phillipsburg has about five casinos and the rest are distributed throughout Cole Bay, Cupecoy, and Maho. The Butterfly Farm open from morning until afternoon is a famous tourist spot in St. Martin and home to hundreds of butterfly species. Lastly there’s Pic du Paradis, the highest point of the island standing 1400 feet tall. Pic du Paradis has two viewing areas from which you can admire the beautiful island and the seas which surround it.


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