Top Reasons To Visit Haiti

The top reasons to visit Haiti are as numerous as the islands in the Caribbean. And in spite of the devastation it experienced back in 2010 with the magnitude 7 earthquake, it remains to be among the most popular summer destinations in the world. The Republic of Haiti shares the Greater Antillean archipelago with the Dominican Republic.

And it is the first black-led republic in the world after a decade long battle for independence. And in spite of experiencing a number of third-world problems like poverty, cholera and flooding, it has successfully kept its tourism industry afloat, banking on the given tourist attractions.

View from Hispaniola

View from Hispaniola

Among the top reasons to visit Haiti are its stunning natural landmarks, starting with Plaine du Cul de Sac which is a widely renowned and located near the Dominican state border. It is a lowland that hosts a number of saline lakes (Rincon Lagoon, Lake Caballero and Lake Enriquillo) as well as rare species of birds including flamingos and herons, with parts lying below sea level.

It has a unique appeal to those who are fond of nature trips. And as an alternative, some folks also head on to Labadie Island where there are plenty of scenic escapes to take advantage of. Labadie is blessed with cool, clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and impressive seaside landforms that make-up for a fun-filled afternoon zip lining or cliff diving.

Amiga Island is another nature-centered tourist spot in Haiti that collects thousands of guests on a yearly basis. And what makes this exceptional is the absence of commercialism. Here, you can snorkel and swim as much as you wish; have a picnic by the seaside, without being bothered by vendors. And if you are traveling in a tour group, you could rent out other water sport equipment to fully take advantage of the area’s stunning beauty. The Bay of Acul is another destination you must check out for its coral formations. And like the rest of the beach destinations within the country, it won’t also fail you in extending a relaxing atmosphere.

Citadelle Laferrière

Citadelle Laferrière

In addition to the top reasons to visit Haiti mentioned above, there’s also its colonial architecture, which attracts more than its fair share of visitors annually. One of its biggest attractions in this category is Citadelle Laferriere , a mountaintop fortress found on the northern part of the island that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with another favorite structural tourist attraction in the island, the Sans-Souci Palace. Both places had very significant roles in molding the country’s history, which you will know more about upon visit.

And if you’d like further immersion into the past, you could check out Musee de Guahaba and Museum of Haitian Art, two sights in the city that feature the best of Haitian conventional and contemporary culture.


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