Top Reasons To Visit Grenada

The top reasons to visit Grenada appeal to a wide range of tourists types who love to be in the Caribbean. One can say that Grenada is a suitable place for the four types of tourists – the high maintenance luxurious types, clinic the serious scholarly types, the off-beat eco tourists and the casual streetwise fun lovers. There is a place for every variety of travelers mentioned and can definitely offer a perfect vacation for anyone and everyone. This nation is also called the “Island of Spice” (not to be confused with Moluccas the Spice Islands in Southeast Asia). It is interesting to note that the legendary Christopher Columbus have charted this island during his third voyage to the New World during 1498. Nowadays it is charted by every Caribbean-loving tourist who wants a memorable holiday.

1. “God bless America!” says the locals

One of the top reasons to visit Grenada would definitely appeal to American tourists. It turns out that during the Cold War, the locals are not only sympathetic to USA but are even downright grateful for their occupation of Grenada during the nuclear standoff with Cuba. For these locals, they call it “intervention” and they see Americans as victorious heroes. It is not surprising for American travelers to receive preferential treatment though Grenadians are generally nice.

Carriacou, Grenada

Carriacou, Grenada

2. Hotels are like trees: they just grow

The way hotels were rebuilt right after the 2006 typhoon never ceases to amaze the global standards of engineering. The Grenadines are not only rebuilding accommodations, they are creating something that takes aesthetics to a whole new level. For a small island, the tourism industry can handle a staggering amount of vacationers with the availability of their luxury lodgings.

3. A trek in the morning and a swim in the afternoon

There is nothing an eco tourist would love more than to have a nice morning exercise via a wilderness excursion. This can definitely happen in Grenada as soon as they wake up and start to venture the natural splendor inland. Sunset beaches never get old and so does the tradition of spending an afternoon along Grenada’s splendid beach resorts before nightfall.

4. Do you love to eat good stuff?

Anyone asked of this question would tend to reply, “Who doesn’t?” The country’s local cuisine can truly be one of the top reasons to visit Grenada. This island nation has some of the best treats in the Caribbean, appealing to every kinds of flavor. Ultimately, these unique and familiar goodies are worth biting for.

5. Pretend to be a sailor and hop aboard the boat!

Grenada also has splendid marinas ready to take travelers on their imaginative seafaring adventure. Cruising is one of Grenadine’s most profitable tourist activities. Among the popular marinas known in the island nation are Port Louis and True Blue Bay Resort; with the latter having its own hotel service. The nation’s cruising industry is proud to feature St. George’s Island (Bermuda) as the main destination.


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