Top Reasons To Visit Dominica

If you are curious about the top reasons to visit Dominica, then you have found the right reference. In this feature, you will be oriented to the best of what this Caribbean destination has to offer. Most of those who have not heard of Dominica often mistake it for the Dominican Republic. Dominica is much smaller and closer to South America.

Typical landscape near the coast in Dominica

Typical landscape near the coast in Dominica

But this country actually has a lot of equally interesting tourist spots to boast of. In fact, it is so beautiful that it was chosen to be the film location of the Pirates of The Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest and At The World’s End. And although still in its infancy, tourism in country shows a lot of promise. So far, an estimated 200,000 people come to the island annually, which adds as much as $49 million to its gross revenue.

Dominica’s tourism attractions are mostly centered on its lush rainforest, as it is not blessed with the same stretch of beaches that other Caribbean islands have. Nevertheless, what it lacks in one area, it makes up for in another, with spectacular mountain views, breathtaking waterfalls and amazing assortment of flora and fauna. Those who have been to Dominica would definitely agree with it being termed a paradise. One of the top reasons to visit Dominica that tourists enjoy is the Cabritis National Park. Found on the northern end of the island, this particular destination hosts wetlands, tropical forests and land-visible coral reefs that perfectly complement the hiking experience Fort Shirly provides.

The Boiling Lake at the Valley of Desolation in Dominica

The Boiling Lake at the Valley of Desolation in Dominica

Other notable points of interests, like the Boiling Lake, Victoria Waterfall and Emerald Pool, are found in the Morne Irois Pitons National Park, which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Boiling Lake, in particular draws a lot of tourists every year because of its steamy atmosphere, which closely measures to 91.5°C. To highlight, it actually credited as being the world’s second largest actively boiling lake next to New Zealand’s Frying Pan Lake. Now, Victoria Waterfall may not as impressive as its African counterpart, measuring on 100 feet. But it is a picturesque body of water. And along with Trafalgar and Middleham Falls, you’d definitely have your fill of mountainside revelry.

The best thing about the top reasons to visit Dominica is that they can be easily accessed by several cruise liners that travel all throughout the Caribbean islands. If you wish to visit it, you could just book tickets from Carnival, Celebrity, Oceania, and Princess Cruise Lines.


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