Top Destinations In Bahamas

The top destinations in Bahamas surely guarantee a Caribbean getaway you will definitely not forget.  This country comprises of 2000 islands which include Cays or small islands formed on coral reefs.  And while it’s primarily considered part of the Caribbean, symptoms it’s located in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bahamas is probably known for its pristine beaches with powdery, white sands and clear, blue waters.  Here are some of the top destinations in Bahamas:

Port de Freeport

Port de Freeport

Andro Island.  It’s a honeymooner’s paradise, but there’s a lot in store for eco-tourists and adventurers looking for an adrenaline rush.  The island offers bird watching, hiking, snorkelling, diving, and exploration opportunities.  The island is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world, with about a 100 mile stretch of coral formations vibrant with marine life.

Blue Lagoon Island.  For those who prefer to just watch the time go slowly while lying lazily on a hammock, the Blue Lagoon Island is a perfect destination for beach bums who just want a tan.  Located 3 miles from Nassau, the country’s capital, the Blue Lagoon Island has a lagoon with calm waters where you can enjoy a relaxing dip.

Lucayan National Park.  One of the top destinations in Bahamas, the National Park is home to one of the world’s most extensive underwater cave systems, stretching to about 6 miles.  The park is also filled with mangroves, pines and palm trees as well as a white sand beach and the Gold Rock Creek.

Paradise Island Outdoor Aquarium.  For some safe, family fun, the Paradise Island Outdoor Aquarium is a great place to go.  This aquarium is located in the Atlantis Resort and is home to about 200 species of marine wildlife, including sharks, jelly fishes and lobsters.  This tourist attraction has about 11 exhibit lagoons where you can observe some of the country’s local marine fauna.  There are Acrylic Tunnels where you could see these sea creatures in their natural habitat.

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