Cuba: A Traveller’s Paradise

Cuba is one of the world’s most intriguing island nations. Located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, Cuba has arisen from the ashes of an often tumultuous past to become one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. Here are some of the top things that make Cuba a great place to visit.

Fascinating History

This wondrous island nation has had an eventful history throughout its existence. Influences from the country’s former Spanish colonization are still present in much of its architecture, culture and cuisine. The beginnings of Communist rule within the country can also be studied during a visit. You can read more about Cuba at the Guardian.

Varadero Beach

Beautiful Beaches

Many travellers visit Cuba to enjoy the nation’s magnificent beaches. The breathtaking beach at Varadero attracts over a million visitors each year and is a great place to enjoy sunbathing, aquatic activities and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Playa Ancón is coated in heavenly white sand. The beaches along the shores of Havana known as Playas de Este are also popular places to visit for a day of frolicking in the sun.

Diverse Landscapes

In addition to its beaches, Cuba is also known for its other types of diverse landscapes. In fact, many people would be surprised to learn that along with its large main island, Cuba is made up of several smaller islands as well. Much of the main island is made up of flat and undulating plains. Sierra Maestra is the country’s notable mountain range and is the perfect location to explore by hiking. Lush forests and swamplands can also be found around certain parts of Cuba.

Favourable Climate

Cuba enjoys warm and sunny weather throughout much of the year. Most of the country’s annual rainfall occurs between the months of May and October. November to April is usually the driest time of year.

Delectable Cuisine

The uniqueness of Cuba’s cuisine has long intrigued many visitors. Influences of Spanish, African and other Caribbean national cuisines are used in many of the foods. Rice is a staple in many of the country’s dishes. Beef, chicken and pork are also commonly used. An extra dash of spice is used in many of the foods to tantalize the taste buds of diners.

Monumental Cities

Many fascinating cities and smaller towns can be found throughout Cuba. Havana, the nation’s capital, features an array of architectural masterpieces and significant monuments. The city of Santiago de Cuba features a charming blend of modern and classic influences. Santa Clara is the place to go for a relaxing stroll along one of the city’s pristine streets.

Captivating Sites of Interest

Cuba is additionally home to many wonderful sites and attractions. The Museum of the Revolution in Havana houses many national treasures and was once used as a residence for some of the country’s top leaders. The town of Trinidad features many historic buildings and is even listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Castillo del Morro in Santiago de Cuba is an old fortress overlooking the sea. The bright blue exterior of the Rovirosa Family House in Camaguey is definitely an eye-catching sight to behold.


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