Best Time To Visit Barbados

The best time to visit Barbados is during the months of July-November when things like Hurricane and rainy season begin winding down and have the least probability in striking the island. This is also the time of the year when vivacious festivities take place in the island.  Barbados exhibits the conventional Caribbean getaway where you get to savour the sun-kissed, pharmacy nonchalant ambiance of its pristine coasts.  The island was previously a British empire but it gained its independence in 1966.

Best Time To Visit In Barbados

If you wish to visit Barbados during its peak season then it is ideal for you to plan your trip to the island during the months of December to April. Take note though that even if these may be the hustle and bustle months, this is also the season when hotel accommodations are more expensive due to a lot of tourists visiting when it’s the coldest in their home countries. The highlights of this time period which adds more appeal to these months and make it the best time to visit Barbados are the Holetown Festival in February, The Barbados Jazz Festival in January and the Holders Season from March o April. During the months of mid April to June is also a great period to visit the island since the weather remains to be comfortable at this season of the year. If you are also after less expenditure, this is the best time to visit Barbados since the costs of hotels and tours are more affordable because these are the months which follow the winter season.  Check out Crystal Cove Barbados for great hotel deals and a fantastic place to stay. The special occasion to look forward celebrating during this time of year is the Gospelfest during May. For the duration of the months of July to November, it is not highly recommended to visit the island since it is undoubtedly probable for an awful storm to hit the island. Rainy days are more frequent while hurricanes are seldom experienced. Costs of accommodation are usually discounted as high as 50% on classy hotels and resort.s In addition to that, you are also bound to experience some of the island’s mainly stirring shindigs. Among the most sought after occasions celebrated during this season are the Crop Over Festival in July, Barbados Food and Wine and Rum Festival and the Independence Pro Classic Surfing Championship in November.

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