The Best Beaches in the Caribbean not to miss!

Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados in one of the best beaches in the Caribbean ... photo by CC user jacbt on flickr

Stretching over 3 million square kilometres and encompassing over 700 islands with varying degrees of idyllic beauty, those seeking the beach holiday of a lifetime will be spoiled for choice when planning a trip here.

That being said, don’t just pick a place at random – the best way to ensure that you’ll have the journey of a lifetime is to spend your time in places that have been rated by travel professionals for being some of the best holiday spots in the world, let alone the region.

So if you looking to have an awesome Caribbean beach holiday, be sure to spend a day on at some of the best beaches in the Caribbean…

1) Pigeon Point Beach, Antigua

Located on the south coast of Antigua, Piegon Point Beach is situated well away from the madness of this island’s far more crowded spots on the west coast. Upon arrival, you’ll be aghast at how lazy the average traveler can be, as the effort that it takes to get here will pay off immensely from the second you lay eyes on the white sands and turquoise waters of this beauty.

With calm waters and reefs a short distance offshore, this secluded spot is perfect for families and snorkelers, and with plenty of local people frequenting this haven, you’ll also have the opportunity to mix with the locals in a place where it can be tough to do so otherwise.

2) Anse des Pitons, Saint Lucia

Long being a favored getaway for the rich and famous, Saint Lucia has begun to attract attention from travelers of more modest means, as more accommodation has opened up for the common people in recent years on this paradise island.

The reasons why the jet set had fallen for this place will be immediately obvious once you set foot on Anse des Pitons, which is a beach that sits partially in the shadow of the Gros and Petit Piton. These two iconic peaks are extinct volcanoes that will make you feel like a million bucks for merely being in their presence, even if you … ahem … forgot your Chanel purse at home as you rushed to the airport to make your plane. Hmm … yeah, that’s right!

3) Bottom Bay Beach, Barbados

Another beach that has escaped the attention of mass tourism operators is Bottom Bay Beach, which is a gem that is neatly tucked away on the south coast of Barbados. With little else here other than swaying coconut palms and locals that are eager to crack them open for your refreshment, you can tune out the real world as waves from the open Atlantic crash in a rhythmic fashion, lulling you into a state of relaxation that you haven’t felt in the longest time…

4) Morne Rouge Beach, Grenada

If your holiday plans have you ending up on the Spice Isle this year, carve out a day in your schedule to check out Morne Rouge Beach. Are you the type of person that loses your mind at the havoc that reckless jetskiers can wreak on those that are simply seeking to chill out in peace?

If so, then this place will be ideal for you, as Morne Rouge has nary a powerboat or jetski to be found, and with shallow calm waters, it is the perfect place to take your family to enjoy a day away from the frenetic pace of the main tourist areas of Grenada.

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