Top Tourist Attractions In Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is just one of the many top tourist attractions in Queensland but it’s certainly the most popular. And yet there are plenty other places worth seeing in Queensland, generic Australia. Like the Great Barrier Reef, a great number of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There is no doubt that you should visit Queensland during your trip to the outback.

1. Surfer’s Paradise

Don’t let the tall buildings along the coastline distract you. The beach is still a great spot to surf. And don’t let it’s name fool you either. Apart from surfing the area is popular for its nightlife, particularly Cavell Avenue which has hundreds of clubs, bars, and pubs. Lifesavers are always on watch in Surfer’s Paradise. It’s popular among tourists and locals alike. Every year it hosts the Super GP car race. Theme parks and accommodations are located nearby.

The Captain Cook Bridge over the Brisbane River

The Captain Cook Bridge over the Brisbane River

2. Cairns

The tropical city is situated on northern end of Queensland and is popular for its convenient location. Many of the top tourist attractions in Queensland are close to Cairns. Still, the city itself offers a few interesting sights such as Esplanade, a 2-km stretch of shops and restaurants on the opposite side of the harbour. The Esplanade also has a swimming lagoon surrounded by designated areas for barbecue.

3. Great Barrier Reef

It spans for 2,000 km and comprises of hundreds of islands and thousands of reefs. It is world’s largest coral reef system. Thousands of species of mollusks, fish, sea snakes, sea horses, whales, giant clams, dolphins, and other underwater life thrive in the Great Barrier Reef. Cruises to Lizard Island, Cook Town, and nine coral reefs are available for tourists.

Lizard Island is a 10 sq. km. granite island. Its shores are great places for scuba diving. You can enter the reef from the beach which is a unique characteristic of the island. Tourists can also get scuba diving lessons here.

Cook Town was named after Captain James Cook who discovered the island in 1770. It is surrounded by unspoiled rainforests and has great historical importance for Australians.

4. Daintree Rainforest

Get your fix of the Amazon by visiting Daintree, the second largest virgin rainforest in the world. More than 100 types of trees including a few who are over 3,000 years old can be found here. Daintree Rainforest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the top tourist attractions in Queensland.

5. Kuruanda

The quaint, picturesque town offers many shopping opportunities as well as a few interesting activities. One of which is the ride aboard the Kuruanda Scenic Railway which starts in Cairns and ends its journey here. The scenic railroad trip takes you through a rainforest with beautiful lakes, gorges, and waterfalls.


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