Top Tourist Attractions In Alice Springs

While the idea of spending a few days to a week in the bleak Australian outback desert may sound blah and boring, link the top tourist attractions in Alice Springs is anything but ho-hum. Located in the Northern Territory, sildenafil Alice Springs is the third largest town in the department. Its closest neighbors are Adelaide, South Australia and Darwin.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs

Alice Spring Desert Park. Topping the list of top tourist attractions in Alice Springs is the Alice Spring Desert Park. It offers you a magnificent view of the outback desert, and a chance to meet some of the outback’s famous residents: kangaroos, emus and birds of prey.

Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Get to know the original Alice Springs. This town, where the Overland Telegraph station established a repeater station, is where it all began. Take a tour around the fully restored historic Telegraph Station buildings to learn about the pioneers of Alice Springs. Or, bring your family for a picnic or barbecue under the shade of the trees.

Aboriginal sand art at the Alice Springs Desert Park

Aboriginal sand art at the Alice Springs Desert Park

Alice Springs Gaps. Think Australian outback deserts are as exciting as peeled potato? The landscapes of Simpsons Gap and the Emily and Jessie Gaps will prove you wrong. Walk to Cassia Hill and the 18 km Woodland Trail, and discover rock formations and a hidden watering hole beyond a canyon, or marvel at the sacred paintings which contain the symbols of Caterpillar Dreamings, which made the Emily and Jessie Gaps sacred locations as well.

Anzac hill. Located right at the northern tip of the Bath Street, in the center of the town is the Anzac Hill, where you can get a spectacular view of the sunset or sunrise over the town. This hill is also considered sacred to the Central Arrente Women (who call this hill Untyeyetwelye) and it is often associated with corkwood honey and child rearing.

Araluen Cultural Precinct. It’s a one-stop cultural shop, with 4 art galleries, three museums, and a theatre. It houses the largest collection of paintings from all over Central Australia, and the Strehlow Research Centre for Aboriginal Culture. Inside the precinct is also two sacred sites associated with the Two Women Dreaming Story, which has a cultural and religious significance to the Central Arrente women.

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