Top Things To Know About Visiting Kangaroo Island

There are top things to know about visiting Kangaroo Island and it helps to really identify them for the sake of relative ease when it comes to getting accustomed to this environment. Unlike other remote places in Australia, Kangaroo Island is not really very dangerous. Yet that does not mean that environmental hazards are absent entirely. Kangaroo Island obviously earned its name for a reason. This island is teeming with Australia’s iconic kangaroos but there are also other unique animal species on this island such as koalas, wallabies and penguins. The abundance of eucalyptus enables this place to become a sanctuary for those adorable and poker-faced koalas. It’s marine and coastal fauna is just as interesting as its menagerie on land. Kangaroo Island has been the natural habitat of New Zealand Fur Seals and they are mostly found in Flinders Chase National Park.

Admiral's Arch in Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Admiral’s Arch in Kangaroo Island, South Australia

1. Drive slowly 101

One of the top things to know about visiting Kangaroo Island when it comes to the safety of tourists is that this island is a bad place for bad drivers. One should maintain controllable speed limit during evening and the entire night time. This island does not have proper street lights like the ones in the main cities and one of the real headaches when driving fast at night is bumping into wild animals. Why the kangaroos and wallabies crossed the road, you ask? Well, as mentioned earlier this island wasn’t called Kangaroo Island for nothing and nobody pretty much tells wild animals what to do in their own homes.

2. Drive slowly 102

Another reason for people to drive slowly is that Kangaroo Island is if, just in case, tourists decide to take the shortcut roads not advised by the authorities. Some tourist destinations can easily be reached through these paths yet they are not in the most excellent condition. When it rains, these paths can prove fatal due to the poor traction in damp days. Besides, it pays for travelers to take their leisure time because this island only has a total coverage of 145 km x 50km. One has not need of haste in the journey.

3. What are Peninsula Tiger Snakes?

Peninsula Tiger Snakes are one of the most dangerous types of tiger snakes endemic in Australia. Are they poisonous? Yes they are! This is the only reason one needs in order to be careful not to venture into areas sealed off by the authorities. Peninsula Tiger Snakes are very common, especially around the areas of Cape Willoughby. It is best to keep one’s ecotourism adventures restricted within the set boundaries to avoid unnecessary perils.

4. Never miss stopping by gift shops

Not all of the top things to know about visiting Kangaroo Island highly concern’s the tourist’s safety. In fact, it is highly recommended for one’s pleasure not to miss the gift shops in this location. Clifford’s Country Farm sells natural honey-based confections while one can avail feral cat skins and other bizarre trinkets at Emu Ridge Distillery.

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