Top Things To Do In Western Australia

The top things to do in Western Australia will appease the adventurer in you, story so grab your backpack and head out to the Land Down Under for an adventure of a lifetime.  Occupying the western third of the continent, pharm this Australian state is jam packed with a great variety of adventures, diagnosis from the outback to the underwater paradises in the Indian Ocean.

Here are some of the top things to do in Western Australia:

Marvel at the Bungle Bungle Range.  This strange, almost alien range of beehive shaped towers made of sandstone and rocks is the main highlight of the Purnululu National Park.  If not for its accidental discovery in the 1980’s, no one, except for the Djaru and Kija tribe, will ever know about Western Australia’s best kept secret.

From afar, it may look like just a bunch of striped mounds, but upon closer inspection, you’ll discover hidden gorges with palms, natural pools and a rich desert flora and fauna, including nailtail wallabies and budgerigars.  It’s also the sight of many Aboriginal art and burial sites.

Black Swans, the state bird of Western Australia

Black Swans, the state bird of Western Australia

Soak up the sun.  The home of 19 remarkable beaches, Western Australia is a beach bum’s paradise!  There’s plenty to choose from:  several allow you to bring your furry little friends with you, while some are perfect for catching some waves on a surf board.  There are also kiddie friendly beaches with calm waters where mum and dad can enjoy building sand castles with their little ones.

Feed the wild dolphins in Monkey Mia.  Wallabies and kangaroos may be elusive.  But the dolphins in Monkey Mia are far from shy.  As a matter of fact, they visit the shore up to three times a day, so it’s almost impossible that you won’t have any chances of interaction with these cute and friendly critters.  And with the park ranger’s nod of approval, you can hand out tasty fishy kibbles to your new found buddies.

Visit the Pinnacles Desert.  One of the top things to do in Western Australia is hopping in a car and driving to the Pinnacles Desert.  The otherworldly landscape of the desert is reminiscent of moon landscape, thanks to the limestone formations in the desert.  Visiting the Pinnacles Desert, you’d feel like you have been transported to another planet, or the nightmarish landscape in Salvador Dali’s famous artwork (minus the melted clocks).  The best time to visit the Pinnacles Desert is during sunset when everything is awash in amber.

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