Top Reasons To Visit Sydney

If you want to know more about the top reasons to visit Sydney, ambulance then you’ve come to the right place. And not only will you be able to learn more about this bustling metropolis, symptoms you’d also discover ways on how to make your vacation experience here extra special. As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the most populous town in Australia, with a residential statistic of 4.6 million. It is the 42nd most visited city in the world, with 7 million domestic visitors and 2.7 million foreign ones.

And most of those who go here seek out the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as well as its famous beaches like Bondi and Manly. But what people don’t know is that there are a lot more attractions here that they can enjoy.

New Years Eve Celebration on Sydney Harbour

New Years Eve Celebration on Sydney Harbour

One of the underrated top reasons to visit Sydney is its historic forts which line up Sydney Harbour. It should be remembered that it served as a major port during the English colonization. And so it is understandably riddled with sandstone batteries, forts and bunkers. Four important fortifications found within the city that you must include in your itinerary are the Middle Head Fortifications, Lower Georges Heights Commanding Position Georges Head Battery and Bradleys Head.

Now, once you’ve seen them, you might as well head on over to Darling Harbour, where you will find several major public attractions that should keep you entertained the whole afternoon. Among them are the Sydney Aquarium (contains a large collection of Australian aquatic life, about 6000 of them divided into 650 species), Wild Life Sydney (displays 10 key zones that involve butterflies, invertebrates, reptiles, and popular Australian mammals) and the Australian National Maritime Museum (presents a large collection of water vessels used for war, transport, and recreation). In addition, you’d also be able to access Sydney’s Chinese Gardens and Entertainment Center within the area. So make it a point to drop by.

Circular Quay ferry wharf during Vivid Sydney

Circular Quay ferry wharf during Vivid Sydney

As a final pit stop in this non-conventional top reasons to visit Sydney excursion, you should tour the Rocks, an inner-city suburb, which is in close proximity to the Circular Quay as well as the place where the British first settled. You will find a lot of souvenir and craft shops in the area, so you won’t have a hard time looking for gift items to take home with you. There are also several pubs here where you could spend the night interacting with the locals. And if you are particularly interested in architecture, you will definitely enjoy a historical walk down the street with views of the Sydney Observatory, Cadman’s Cottage and Dawes Point Battery.


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