Finding Luxury Resorts Australia

If you have never been to Australia, you will not be able to understand the vastness of the continent. Although it is just a country, it is also a continent in itself and is also popularly known as the land Down Under. Apart from several cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, Australia also boasts of several lovely beaches, the unforgiving Outback, and virgin rainforests. The country will never fail to impress you in any way and a trip to Australia is sure to be the closest to your heart. There are several popular landmarks in Australia such as Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney Harbor, which should be in the bucket list of every tourist.

Some of the Top Luxury Resorts in Australia

Apart from the numerous tourist attractions in Australia, there are several luxury hotels that will add to your experience in the country. Some of the top hotels recommended by Luxury Lodges of Australia in this category have been discussed below.

One&Only Hayman Island

This luxury hotel in Australia is located in the heart of the country’s Great Barrier Reef. Set against the backdrop of the lovely and breathtaking Coral Sea, this happens to be an iconic private island resort of Australia. The stylish elegance of the resort reflects the harmony along with some really astonishing natural beauty surrounding the property. After a major renovation, the number of rooms in the hotel was reduced from 210 to 160, which are arranged into Hayman, Pool, and Beach wings. Half of the rooms have been configured as villas, penthouses or suites. One&Only hotel group has redesigned the restaurants and spaces, added all new family and adult experiences, and have maintained the high-quality standards, which is the trademark of the hotel group.

Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island

This happens to be the first true luxury lodge in Australia. It offers an exclusive and unique travel experience on the Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The lodge floats atop a secluded cliff situated on a rugged stretch of the coast and it offers its guests with peerless views of the pristine surrounding wilderness and the wild Southern Ocean. Better known as “Australia’s Galapagos”, you can often come face to face with kangaroos, koalas, and sea lions at the lodge. There are 21 eco-chic luxury suites in the Southern Ocean Lodge that feature ceiling to floor windows that will mesmerize you with an incredible view of the outside world.

Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

Tasmania happens to be a diverse and wild frontier on the land and in the coastal waters. The Saffire Freycinet is designed in such a way that it compliments its grand surroundings instead of simply competing with them. There are 20 superbly designed suites in the main building, which in turn, is designed to look like a stingray gliding across the seabed or a bird in flight. The roof of the building is also made of curved Tasmanian wood and features king sized windows that overlook the coast and the low-lying brush. The view of the nature from the patio is sure to take your breath away.

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