There is a vast world out there to explore and there are many countries and cities for you to live in.  Why should you live in the city that you were born in?  Simply because you were born there?  No sir, that is not the world that we live in today.  In today’s world with the internet connecting you across many seas and mountains you can work almost everywhere in almost anything.  If you love to travel or explore new things why should you limit yourself to one place?  Asia is one of those places where you should really consider living.

The abundance of history will impress you and vast differences in the culture rich region will astound you as well.  There aren’t enough things to learn when you think of Asia; different languages, different food, completely different cultures.  Here are the top reasons why you should consider living in Asia:

Cost of Living in Asia

house in asia, asian housing

In Asia, many western currencies still go a very long way.  You can find 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in Asia for just hundreds of dollars a month.  Make that equivalent to cities in the United States and Europe and you are going to be saving a minimum of $500 easy!  With such a low cost of living in Asia, your Dollars or Euros or even Pounds will go much farther.  And with much more money in your wallet you will easily have a higher quality of life.

Cost of Food in Asia

 Food in Asia, Asian food, what food in asia looks like

The cost of living isn’t the only cheap thing in Asia, the food there is also extremely cheap!  When considering that the common household in the west spends upwards of $400 or $500 a month for groceries you could easily spend less than half of that in Asia.  Most friends that I know that are living in Asia are spending just dollars a day on food.  If your stomach is strong and you are able to eat at food stands you can save even more money!  Think about all the money you can save when you are saving on both food and rent as well.

Emerging Economies

 industrialized nations, emerging nations

One of the most powerful things to consider in my opinion.  Right now most of the emerging economies in the world are coming out of Asia.  If you start to settle roots down in one of these countries you can set yourself up for an amazing ride 10 to 15 years from now.  Imagine starting a company or corporation in one of these countries and watching it rise all the way to the top at the middle class gets greater and great in these countries.  You really should consider since you could be into something right from the beginning.  The possibilities are endless!

The Western Debt Crisis

 western debt, debt in the west

While many of the Asian countries are starting rise in the East, many western countries are having problems paying their bills.  You could call it a shift in power in the world but the end result is that as the quality of life continues to get better in the East the quality of life in West continues to get worse!  The problems have only started in the west so if you get out now you can start a much better life in the East.

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