Top Tourist Attractions In Vietnam

The top tourist attractions in Vietnam have received a lot of attention for years now because of their cultural uniqueness to that of alternative tourist destinations. Yes, the language barrier does pose a bit of a problem for foreign travelers. But locals are currently embracing the English language in light of tourism prospects. And much to the surprise of guests, there are actually plenty of European and American people living in the country today, thereby serving as testament to the nation’s idyllic setting. If that does not convince you of its worthiness, then the fact that it receives 4.5 million tourists a year should.

Ho Chi Minh City Hall

Ho Chi Minh City Hall

Now among the top tourist attractions in Vietnam are the Cu Chi Tunnels, which practically belongs to a huge network of underground passages 40 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh. They were used during the Vietnam War as escape routes by Viet Cong guerillas and were also the base of operations for the 1968 Tet Offensive. Today, part of it is made accessible to tourists who would like to scour the tunnels for remnants of the past. But people are warned about venturing further out from the safe zone because there is that possibility they might get lost.  For those visiting the Ho Chi Minh vicinity, booking your hotel accommodation in advance is advised. You can easily make arrangements through hotel booking sites.

Another manmade point of interest in this country but of a different nature is the rice terraces of Muong Hoa valley in Sa Pa. Set against the backdrop of Fansipan Mountain’s bamboo woodlands, these rice, corn and vegetable paddies are beautiful to behold. On top of that, they are still very relevant to Vietnam’s economy and lifestyle, providing much of the nation’s agricultural supply and are even exported to neighboring Asian countries.

As far as refreshing and relaxing hotspots go, Vietnam offers people the resort town of Nha Trang, which is herald as the one of the most beautiful bays in the country and the center for scuba diving as well. If you wish to go somewhere less commercialized, you could also check out Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam, which not only features pristine beaches and unadulterated coral reefs but also a living tropical forest that would more than accommodate the common guest’s hankering for hikes and wildlife watching.

Tran Phu Coast in Nha Trang

Tran Phu Coast in Nha Trang

Ha Long Bay is also a popular local seaside tourist spot in Vitenam and it actually translates to “Bay of Descending Dragons”. The legend behind its name is something you will discover from local folklore. But the towering limestone pillars and enormous caves should give you an idea or two about where this thought stems from. The almost deserted beach of Mui Ne provides kite and wind surfing enthusiast an exhilarating water sports experience. And those with four-wheel drives can try their luck dune bashing with its extensive sandy landscape and enormous sand mounds.

Some of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam are also historical in nature such as the Thien Mu Pagoda, Hoan Kiem Lake, and the old fishing village of Hoi An. And if you have an appreciation for the culture, then you might also want to book a boat trip through the Mekong River and discover how significant this site was to cultivating the republic.


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