Top Tourist Attractions In Turkmenistan

The top tourist attractions in Turkmenistan are some of the hottest destinations in Central Asia both literally and figuratively. It has the hottest desert in the region and since tourists usually avoid neighboring countries Afghanistan and Iran, viagra 40mg they often end up here. With so little time to spare, you know that you only have time for some of its attractions. So why not make it worthwhile by seeing the best attractions of Turkmenistan?

Balkanabat, Turkmenistan

Balkanabat, Turkmenistan

#1: Karakum Desert

Turkmenistan doesn’t have a desert. It’s right in the middle of one. The country is set at the heart of Karakum Desert, the hottest in Central Asia. As such, Turkmen villages like Jerbent rely on agriculture to survive, cultivating livestock most of the time. In areas empty spaces of the Karakum Desert there are some interesting sights like the Darvaza Gas Craters. One of these craters was set ablaze in the Soviet era and can be spotted from miles afar.

#2: Azadi Mosque

Very few locals visit the mosque due to the accidental deaths of a few workers during its construction. But it continues to attract tourists because of its beauty. The Azadi Mosque mimics the Blue Mosque of Istanbul. It’s one of the top tourist attractions in Turkmenistan.

#3: Kugitang Nature Reserve

Opened in 1986, the nature reserve has plenty to be proud of. It protects the Kugitang Mountain Range, the highest peak in Turkmenistan, and is home to the markhor mountain goat, a rare animal species. Caves, canyons, thick forests, and streams are also part of the reserve.

Dinosaur Plateau is one of the main highlights of Kugitang Nature Reserve. It is believed to have been the bottom of a lake which dried up, leaving footprints of dinosaurs. These footprints were later immortalized by a volcanic eruption. The Karlyuk Caves is another impressive sight in Kugitang. However, you need to ask for a permit to visit it.

Tolkuchka Bazaar, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Tolkuchka Bazaar, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

#4: Tolkuchka Bazaar

If you want to buy incredible souvenirs, this is the best bazaar in the country. Tolkuchka Bazaar has stalls which go on for acres across the desert outskirts of town. A variety of goods are sold here including jewelry, pistachios, carpets, and even car parts! Some vendors sell livestock like goats and camels. Haggling for a reasonable price is acceptable.

#5: National Museum

The lavish museum is one of the top tourist attractions in Turkmenistan. You may find it across Kopet Dag. It features several exhibits such as the Ancient History Hall where Neolithic tools from west Turkmenistan along with Bronze age relics of the Margiana civilization are on display. Another notable exhibit in the National Museum is the Antiquity Hall and its collection of rhytons which are horn-shaped vessels made of delicately carved ivory. Rhytons where used by Zoroastrians in rituals and special occasions.


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