Top Tourist Attractions In Seoul

In recent years, sildenafil the top tourist attractions of Seoul started gaining popularity among tourists from Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. For Western travelers however, it is relatively unknown and equally unexplored. As a fairly modern city many tourists wonder if they should travel to Seoul at all. If ancient traditions fascinate you, traveling to Seoul is worthwhile.

Seodaemun Prison Barracks

Seodaemun Prison Barracks

Seodaemun Prison

The landmark symbolizes the cruelty and oppression Koreans experienced under colonial Japan. This is not a place to take your children. Torture scenes from Korea’s dark past are recreated in interrogation cells located in the basement of the prison. Photographs of prison conditions during those times are also on display.

Apart from the prison, there is another building where captives were tortured. You will see some instruments used to inflict pain, including the execution chair where prisoners found guilty were hanged. There is an outdoor museum with names of 90 Koreans who died in Seodaemun Prison but there hundreds more, unnamed, who died there due to torture, malnutrition, execution, and illness.


The grand palace was a rebuilt version of the original palace that stood there until 1592, when Japanese invaders burned it down. Gyeongbokgung was reconstructed 300 years after Japanese invasion. It comprises of two remarkable buildings: Geunjeongjeon, an ornate two-storey building and the main palace; and a large, raised pavilion supported by 48-stone pillars. Together, they make some of the top tourist attractions in Seoul, Korea.

Seodaemun Prison Barracks

Seodaemun Prison Barracks

Namsangol Hanok Village

The small community is everything you never thought would see in a metropolis. Despite the plain architecture of its houses, the village evokes the era of Confucian scholars. The best time to go here is during the weekend when calligraphers, cooks, kite-makers, and weavers can be spotted in the area. It is also best that you visit when there are festivals and traditional performances. The cultural wealth of Namsangol Hanok Village makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Seoul.


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