Top Tourist Attractions In Oman

The top tourist attractions in Oman nearly rival Saudi Arabia’s geographical interests in terms of splendor. However, click Oman’s tourist spots chronicle a precious history five times more extensive than Islam’s holiest city, for sale dating even as far as the Genesis and Exodus chapters of the Abrahamic scriptures (Torah, Bible and Quran). Oman has something that other cradles of civilization have to offer to the world. But most importantly, this big Islamic nation also has certain attributes that make tourism a very wonderful and fantastical experience. Staying in Oman for vacation will be a memorable experience, provided they take note of the certain attractions that have been popular among veteran tourists.

1. Muscat City

Muscat City is the capital of the nation and the best of the top tourist attractions in Oman for the general travelers. Although this metropolis has undergone a very tremendous change, it was able to retain some of the aesthetics that takes root in its Arabic heritage. Civil engineers have made sure that this city is the example of perfect scenery that bridges the ancient times in our modern world. Muscat offers tourists the best of the civilization that Oman has to offer.

2. Al Ayn Burials

The Al Ayn Burials is considered to be the holy grail of erudite tourists who are highly stimulated by the subject of world history. In these ancient ruins lies the basic story of how the Arab people basically propagate their entire region as far as the Copper Age. The ruins have a very high academic and aesthetic value. These burials are located around the nearest copper mines of the ancient world, if not right on its exact location.

Terraces of Jabal Akhdar

Terraces of Jabal Akhdar

3. Jabal Akhdar

Jabal Akhdar is the lush rugged highlands of Oman resplendent with greenery. Both locals and tourists enjoy the abundance of pomegranates along with the wonderful view of the outlying lowland civilizations. For a terrain that reaches 10,000 feet above sea level this chain of highlands have a moderate climate ranging between 5 to 30 degrees Celsius.  It remains one of most popular top tourist attractions in Oman and a favorite retreat venue for weary travelers.

4. Wahiba Desert

No matter how lifeless it is, a desert still has a powerful charm to its strangers. This remains true to those who visit Wahiba Desert, also known as Al-Sharqiya Sands. By cloudless daytime till dusk the sand dunes are tinted in rich honey-like golden shade. But beneath overcast weather the sands are often romantically crimson. Tourists come here to have fun either by taking camel excursion or sand driving.

5. Samhuram

Samhuram is considered the “frankincense capital” of the Arab world since 3,000 BC. This remains true especially today. Situated along the coasts, the frankincense trade center has built fortresses that withstood not only daring corsairs who sought to take over this lucrative trade, but also against time itself. History bears witness to the prestige of Oman as the chief exporter of this Arabic luxurious merchandize.


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