Top Reasons To Visit Kuwait

A general fascination for Arab countries and Arab culture could be one of the many top reasons to visit Kuwait. One can use the rhetorical phrase “the apple does not fall far from the tree” in describing how Kuwait does not really fall far from its mother country – Saudi Arabia. The locals trace their heritage from the Al-Aniza and Al-Utubya tribes that came from the Najb province of Saudi Arabia. Throughout the 1700’s this country was ruled by the Al-Sabah tribe, who proved to be cunning diplomats able to successfully eradicate the tribal wars that plagued the region. But in 1899, this country became a British Protectorate quite similar to the conditions of Egypt, Qatar and Palestine. In 1990, this country was overrun by the Iraqi army but a response from the US-led UN military coalition gave people their independence, which is often celebrated every February 26 as the Liberation Day.

Kuwait Towers, one of the country's most famous landmarks.

Kuwait Towers, one of the country’s most famous landmarks.

1. The best place for proactive lifestyle

One of the top reasons to visit Kuwait is prompted by the kind of proactive lifestyle the tourism industry offers its visitors. Kuwait is teeming with spas and health centers that offer a variety of indoor activities gymnasium fitness, swimming programs, bowling, and even martial arts. When it comes to outdoor activities, visitors can do horseback riding, sailing, and scuba diving with relative convenience. It is always good to be in Kuwait for an upbeat vacation.

2. Commerce; both small and large, are all good

Another of the top reasons to visit Kuwait is because of its very vibrant commercial activity. This country has a growing number of shopping malls that comprised most of the skyscrapers of the main cities. But even with its opulent trade, this country still has a plethora of souks and street-side markets that entice adventurous visitors who wants to have a good bargain. Market life in Kuwait serves as another way to get a closer look to the life of the Kuwaiti people.

3. Kuwaiti fashion, where liberty lies at the surface

Middle East has always been very severe when it comes to their moral edicts. The most prevalent targets are women, since the general Islamic law demands strict propriety in their fashion. However, Kuwait is a bit unique even if they adapt the same mind-set as people from Saudi Arabia. Women in particular don’t get harassed for their miniskirts, although how they interact especially with the opposite sex is another story entirely. Bikinis are fine in private swimming pools, but they are forbidden in public beaches. Kuwait certainly has liberties for women and fashion that proves a strong deviation from other Arab cultures.

4. Kuwaiti nightlife is the wholesome night out

Because alcohol is virtually banned in public consumption, the concept of nightlife in Kuwait is very wholesome. Night outs are limited to eating out in restaurants or having a romantic stroll around the waterfront. This may prove an unpleasant restriction for party animals, but one can appreciate simplicity in revelry.

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