Top Reasons To Visit Taiwan

There are many top reasons to visit Taiwan. After all, it is not herald as one of the Four Asian Tigers for nothing. And those who are looking to experience the best of what Asia has to offer can pretty much reassure themselves of getting their expectations met when they visit this country. Small as it is, Taiwan is neither modest nor vulnerable. It is an economic superpower and the 19th largest economy in the world. It has the best in terms of health care, public education, human development, freedom of the press and of course, economic opportunities.

hot springs on Seven Star Mountain located in Yangmingshan

hot springs on Seven Star Mountain located in Yangmingshan

Taipei is its epicenter and here you will find a number of top reasons to visit Taiwan. Aside from the Taipei International Financial Center, which is the tallest skyscraper in the country, you would also find historical attractions like Fort Santo Domingo (a relic of the Spanish regime) and religious points of interests like Zushi Temple. There are also recreational facilities in the area like Bali’s Shinsanhang Museum of Archeology, the Wulai hot springs, and Fulong and Baishawan beaches.

Now, since it is also a port town, it would be opportune for any tourist to avail of Seawhale Ocean Tours, which is situated on the basin of the Siouguluan River in the town of Hualien. You can reach by train from Taipei. And then you can inquire with local agencies about their packages. It is a small place so you could pretty much walk to Shi Ti Harbor and book yourself with an agency. And then you can go for white water rafting after or deep sea night fishing, if you feel a little bit more adventurous.

Xiuguluan (Siouguluan) River in Hualien

Xiuguluan (Siouguluan) River in Hualien

If you happen to arrive between February and March, you should attend the country’s grand lantern festival, which it commemorates near the Love River, at Kaohsiung harbor. There’s Taiwanese treats in abundance you could enjoy, live concerts, art programs, and a grand fireworks display, with of course an elaborate parade of lanterns. These items are actually made to symbolize people and they are released into the air just after Chinese New Year to symbolize letting go of past selves and receiving new leases on life. However, if you are visiting on June, or around the fifth month of the lunar calendar, you could catch the Dragon Boat Festival instead and watch different organizations and countries match up.

Aside from the aforementioned, other top reasons to visit Taiwan include the Sun & Moon as well as the Lovers Lake, the Kenting National Park and the Taroko Gorge.


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