Top 5 Reasons To Visit Malaysia

It’s not surprising for anyone to be able to fill up the top 5 reasons to visit Malaysia list with just a few of the country’s attributes. What’s interesting to note is that, in spite of its history of colonization, a huge part of the country is still very much reminiscent of its past. And it is this that what makes it an appealing tourist destination.

When in Malaysia, make time to visit the “Land of Lightning” or Kelantan, an agrarian state that reflects the agricultural identity of the nation. Here, you will find rustic fishing towns, lush paddy fields, quiet shorelines gently brushed by rolling waters of the South China Sea, and a lot of cultural practices innate to the place. Locals will be more than happy to accompany you in river rafting, jungle trekking and bird watching if you do decide to stay a few days.

The View from Bukit Terisek

The View from Bukit Terisek

Another tropical paradise you should check out is Sabah, which is located at the northeast side of the country. Hailed as the “Land Below the Wind”, this place is expectedly frequented by strong winds and storms. But despite the weather conditions, this Asian city is able to give tourists the cultural orientation and rugged landscape they need to make a memorable excursion. Pack your climbing gear before you come because you might find it appealing to climb South East Asia’s highest mountain, Mount Kinabalu.

Third on Paramount Travels‘ top 5 reasons to visit Malaysia is the land of fabled White Rajahs, Sarawak. And as the name suggests, it is here that you can find the richest collection of Bornean history. But apart from that, visitors will also be pleased to know that they can also access its diverse ecosystem and engage in some adventure tourism.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Now, if you really want pure cultural immersion that can rival that of Thailand, Terengganu is where you should go. Here, you’ll still find traditional pursuits being followed from kite-flying to the use of batik and songket. Residents also hold Ulang Mayang dance presentations and Gamelan musical concerts for those who want to watch.

And as a final refuge in this in-depth Malaysian jaunt, you could book a flight to Kuala Lumpur and witness how the kingdom has successfully combined external influences with their rich heritage. This global center serves as the perfect conclusion to the top 5 reasons to visit Malaysia, as it is a beautiful testament to adaptation, with huge shopping malls neighboring mosques and Chinese business establishments. And in the midst of colonial and traditional infrastructures stand the Petronas Twin Towers, its proudest and most impressive postmodern architectural accomplishment to date.

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