Exotic Thailand: 5 Best Tourist Spots

Exotic is a word that best captures the atmosphere of Thailand. Decades have passed since its discovery as a travel-worthy destination but it remains to be one of top destinations in the world. The unique food, viagra sale culture, help religion, and architecture make Thailand an exciting place to go to.

good beaches in Thailand

Samui Island or what locals call Koh Samui is one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand. It boasts white sand beaches, clear waters, tropical forests, and some of the best diving spots on earth. Its coral reefs are both diverse and plentiful. Samui Island is also the haven of exotic bird species and unique wildlife. For those who prefer the nightlife, a full moon party is hosted in the island each month.

The beach town of Hua Hin is another tourist favorite in Thailand. Apart from its beaches you can look forward to fresh seafood in nearby restaurants. People also come to Hua Hin to have tailored clothing made and go horseback riding on the beach. If you can afford it, you can stay at the town’s five-star hotels and splurge time on the poolside.

You should definitely go to Phuket Island if you travel to Thailand. The climate can get very hot here but you can cool off at its white sand beaches. Its coral reefs are abundant, perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving activities. You may also have a slice of the local nightlife and Thai cuisine at Phuket, notably Patong Beach. Kantary Bay Phuket is just one of the many nice hotels to choose from.

Learn more about the country’s history by visiting Chiang Mai. Part of the city is surrounded by ancient moats and city walls. World-class restaurants, night markets selling traditional Thai items, Doi Suthep Temple, and art galleries are other places to visit when in this city. Despite its urban atmosphere, Chiang Mai has a laid back lifestyle and people are friendlier compared to anywhere else in Thailand.

Finally, your trip to the exotic country will never be complete without Bangkok. It is the capital of Thailand and offers all the modern conveniences this world has to offer. It can get crazy and pretty hot in Bangkok but you will never regret spending a few days there.


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