Great Expectations in Asia

Soon to celebrate their 19th Birthday, purchase with Asia being their specialty, cialis checking out what  Travel Indochina has to offer in the way China Tours could be one of the greatest and most memorable adventures of your life.  Complete with small groups, complete with well knowledgeable and English speaking tour guides, they allow you to have a very unique opportunity to experience the serenity and calmness of China.

You will absolutely love a Reflexology foot and leg massage in order to learn about the different pressure points in your foot and how they affect the rest of your body.  The breathtaking scenery as you look down from the top of the rice terraces and scan over the small villages below may be a once in a life time opportunity that you do not want to miss out on.

Whether you are cruising down the Li River, enjoying the unique experience of an overnight train ride, pedalling along for a bike ride between rice paddies and glorious mountains, or strengthening your body with and early morning Tai Chi lessons, you can see Travel Indochina takes the cake in presenting beauty and culture to you in a top notch fashion.

As I said earlier, Travel Indochina specializes in Asian tours but it does not stop at China.  They also have a magnificent experience to offer you with Thailand holidays.  Being one of Asia’s most fascinating stops, Thailand has an abundance of friendly and welcoming residents, eye catching landscapes, scrumptious cuisine and a wealth of history and tradition.

In choosing Thailand as your destination, your travel plans will include amazing adventures such as floating down the Mekong River and visiting the formal royal residence now known as the National Museum.  Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit local markets, swim in the the endless beaches and even stop off at a bear rescue center or see the monkey inhabitants in Lopburi.

You will create memories that last a lifetime that you will want to share with your children’s children.  It is easy to see why Thailand is also known as the “Land of Smiles” once you walk into one of their amazing hotels.  With exclusive spas, boutique resorts and hotels that will take your breath away, you will be able to enjoy all the modern luxuries and know that no detail will be left out.

So, whether you are shopping, dining in one of the marvellous restaurants, leaving no stone unturned at the night bazaar, exploring temple ruins or checking out the local silk farms, you will be mesmerized and will be planning your next trip because you won’t be able to stop talking about this holiday for years to come.

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