Expedite your Chinese Visa Application

In order to get this in your passport, you'll need to go through the Chinese visa application process ... photo by CC user Hensleytraveler on wikimedia

If you’re looking to head to China, whether for travel, business, or school, you will need to obtain a Chinese visa. Using traditional methods, you would contact the China embassy in order to do this. First, you would have to select why you are going to China. There are many different scenarios and options to choose from, so be sure to choose the option that best fits your specific needs, as not all visas come with the same perks and/or timelines.

Once you have determined your reason for obtaining the visa, you will need to fill out an application. These vary by type of visa obtained and your current state of residence. Again, the Chinese embassy website will have all the applications available to you.

After you have successfully completed the visa application, you will need to pay all the application fees. Once your fees are paid, the Chinese government will review your application and determine whether or not you will receive your visa, as well as determine any provisions for your visa.

In most cases, getting a Chinese visa the traditional way will take anywhere from one to three months to complete. If you know about your upcoming trip to China months in advance, this may not be a problem. However, sometimes your need to travel may arise unexpectedly. In these situations, you will need to expedite your Chinese visa application. You have two options if this occurs.

Chinese Embassy

Just like you would apply traditionally, the Chinese embassy will also allow you to apply for an expedited visa. They offer express service for individuals who need their visa more quickly. Keep in mind, though, that doing so will take some work on your end. You still need to fill out and submit the application, but during submission, you need to notify a staff member that you need to expedite your application. Your visa fees will also increase due to your expedited application.

While this may seem easy, it’s also important to note that the Chinese government does not guarantee that your visa will be expedited just because you make the request. Certain applications take longer to process, and if your application falls in this category, you’ll still have to wait to acquire your visa.

Expedited China Visa and Passport Service

If you don’t want to deal directly with the Chinese embassy, you can use an expedited China visa and passport service instead. Chinese and American consulate authorized expedited service of visas, and this may be your best option to get your Chinese visa in a short amount of time. These services will allow you to receive any visa more quickly, whether you’re traveling to China for work, school, business, or leisure.

You will still need to pay a fee for these services, but you will be able to work with professionals to help you fill out the application so that you avoid any hang ups in the processing, allowing you to get your visa in a quicker fashion.

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