Exotic Destinations to Visit in 2015

pharm Bagan, Myanmar is one of our exotic destinations to visit in 2015 … photo by CC user jmhullot on Flickr” alt=”With scores of temples within sight, Bagan, Myanmar is one of our exotic destinations to visit in 2015 … photo by CC user jmhullot on Flickr ” src=”http://paramounttravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/pt_temofbaginmya.jpg” width=”400″ height=”500″ />

Nowadays, the definition of travel have become so varied and complex. Each one of us would seek a different kind of taste in travelling. Many would say that one of the most fantastic places to be would be those places you reckoned to be in contrast to what you are used to.

Go out and travel to places where the culture is way different from you. Such places with a unique language, immensely rich culture and are several miles away from your doorsteps.

Visiting these places would certainly be one hell of an adventure. So here are some of the most exotic destinations to visit in 2015.


Albeit deemed to be one of the very expensive places to visit, Japan is one of the most beautiful, fascinating and friendly countries in the whole world. And perhaps one of the most exotic destinations in terms of culture, language, people and food! From the picturesque Mount Fuji to the hustle-bustle of Tokyo City, Japan is a mix of cutting-edge technological innovations and preserved rich of their culture.

One of the highlights in Japan is the list of food they can offer. They are widely known for their sushi, sashimi, rice meals and ramen. You can never go hungry when you are in Japan because the list of food that you can eat is endless.

There is no way not to love this country especially because the Japanese are so warm and accommodating and they are very polite and respectful. The historical attractions like the Imperial Palace and Heian Shrine should not be missed. Anyone who has been to Japan would say every penny is worth it.


Unleash your inner nomad in the ethereal beauty of Morocco’s array of wonders, from the Saharan dunes to the high Atlas Mountains. Upon stepping out of the airport, one would certainly be in awe of how amazing this country is.

Albeit, touts are expected in this country and they can be annoying and scary at times, Moroccans are generally helpful and friendly. When you are in Marrakech, expect thousands of different people – local, tourists and merchants – roaming around the busy streets. It is good to be lost in a country you are not familiar with, but an insider’s tip would tell you to get a tour guide for assistance especially if you are a first-timer in the country.

After Marrakech, visit the dunes of the Sahara desert and the stunning view of the Atlas Mountains, taking in an adventure tour to really sample the peaks to their maximum. If you are in Morocco, you should visit the vibrant town of Chefchaouen. This place is mainly painted with blue color: from its walls, roof and the alleys. A visit in Morocco will not be complete without visiting Chefchaouen.


You might have known the struggles this country have been through, and you might have thought it is not good to travel there, but not anymore. Tourism ban in Myanmar have been lifted a few years ago, so tourists can freely travel in this beautiful land. Myanmar is an exotic destination since tourism has just started to boom and they have a lot of exciting things to offer.

This land has retained its cultural authenticity and identity, making it so special and worthy to be visited upon. The first thing you should visit in Myanmar is the Shwedagon, a 2500 year old golden pagoda where the holy hair relic of Buddha is nestled. This magnificent structure is a must-see in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar.

If you’re up to some throwback adventure, the city of Bagan is the perfect place for you. Formerly called Pagan, this place is where the heart of the country’s ancient architecture lies. Bagan is the capital of Myanmar’s first dynasty. It is the town with more than 2000 temples and stupas scattered in the area. What is more, visitors can also savor an idyllic sunset boat trip along the Ayeyarwaddy River. Isn’t it fantastic?


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