Best Time To Visit China

The best time to visit China all depends on your itinerary for the trip. So it would be wise to first establish what you want to see before you decide when you’re going to fly in. There are sights that are best experienced during Spring and Summer. And there are those that are better of seen during Fall and Winter. And with China being such a large country, with different timezones and climates, you have to make up your mind about which destination you would want to explore and then go on planning from there. Of course, you could also base your schedule on events but that would limit you in your tourism adventure.

The Forbidden City in Beijing, China

The Forbidden City in Beijing, China

One of the most spectacular traditions you should become part of in this country is its New Year Celebration. Otherwise called the Spring Festival, this event marks the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar and the transition of the country to a new year. This event is typically celebrated for a few weeks and culminates on the Lantern Festival. It has been pursued since the 15th century as a way to appease deities as well as preserve tradition. And the best time to visit China for this would be February and it is recommended that you stay until the 28th (or 29th if it is a lunar year). The Dragon Boat Festival is also a nice occasion to target as it is legendary and intrinsically reflective of the Chinese heritage. But for this, you will have to fly to the country during the first or second week of June. The Winter Solstice Festival is a magical time for every Chinese since it is like Thanksgiving and every family in the North and South gather to perform ancestor worship as well as share in home cooked meals. As expected, this occurs in December, specifically, the 21st. Don’t be surprised though if Christmas is not a big part of the official holidays in the nation since it is mainly a Christian practice.

If you are following the usual method for planning vacations and basing flights off of destinations, you would do well exploring highlights like The Great Wall of China, The Terracotta Army and the Forbidden City during Spring. For Summer, make sure to establish trips to Juizhaigou Valley and Hainan so you could fully exploit the environment. The Juizhaigou Nature Reserve is famous for its giant pandas and colorful lakes, whereas Hianan is a resort town that is riddled with modern comfort facilities as well as an extensive bay area. Summer is also the perfect time to climb the ancient mountain of Tai and appreciate the history as well as the view it provides. And then head on out to Mount Emei in Leshan, where the Grand Buddha, the great Confucian Temple and Ebony Museum are located. Winter is usually bitter in China so it’s not that convenient to visit then. But if you’re into winter sports, you’ll certainly agree that the best time to visit China, particularly Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang would be between December and March.

Of course, the attractions this nation hosts number more than what has been touched on by this post. So see to it that you read extensively on the matter. That way, you get to pursue a satisfying vacation plan.

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