10 Tips for Travelling to Bali

By following tips for travelling to Bali, you'll find sights like this that much easier...

The island of Bali is a province of Indonesia and a popular traveller’s destination, thanks to its rich culture, enchanting music, spectacular architecture, stunning scenery, tropical climate and friendly people. A few tips for travelling to Bali can come in handy when journeying to this exotic destination to get the most out of the experience and to avoid misfortune. When driving in Bali it is advisable to buy car excess cover just in case your car gets damaged.

1) Get your shots.

When traveling abroad it is essential to get vaccinated against any diseases that are endemic to the locality. Bali has a tropical climate so it is crucial to visit your local health centre and get vaccinated against tropical diseases.

2) Know the roads.

When hiring a car in Bali it is important to learn about the state and busyness of the island’s roads as well as the local driving culture and laws such as speed limits and what side of the road to drive on (they drive on the left-hand side).

3) Beware parasites.

It is possible to catch worms from eating contaminated food or even contacting certain wild vegetation so it is best to exercise caution to avoid a medical emergency.

4) Arise early.

The most popular tourist attractions in Bali are liable to becoming crowded as the day progresses therefore travellers are advised to awaken early in the morning before the crowds have gathered in full.

5) Experience Balinese cuisine.

Balinese food is often served on palm leaves or banana leaves and incorporates a wide range of meat, fruit, vegetable and seafood ingredients as well as herbs and spices.

6) Watch the sunrise on the beach.

Some of the most beautiful sunrises can be witnessed in Bali and there are few better places to witness one than on the island’s gorgeous beaches, such as Keramas Beach which is free to visit.

7) Listen to Balinese music.

The twanging of gengongs and the chiming notes of Gamelan music provide a signature sound of Bali and can imbue the airwaves with a certain ambiance. Traditional Balinese theatre and dance is often accompanied to music.

8) Be sociable.

It is worth socializing with locals and fellow travelers alike because humans are social beings and cooperative relations can be for the mutual benefit of all involved.

9) Have backup cash.

It is important to carry a card with you to gain access to your international bank account but if the cash machine stops working or you loose your card you will require backup cash. Do not keep all of your cash in one place, such as a wallet, but keep it spread about your person and belongings.

10) Pack light.

Whether you are driving or walking in Bali, it is important not to overburden yourself or your vehicle otherwise you will be weighed down by your luggage. If you pack only the necessities for travel your journey ahead will be easier.

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