6 Things Not to Miss in Dubai

Dubai holidays are guaranteed to be full of excitement and adventure. Found in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is considered by many to be the most tolerant and most modern location in the Middle East. Whether a holiday to Dubai is meant to be a relaxing time, filled with upscale shopping and spas, a family expedition, full of trips to sand dunes and museums, or a romantic getaway for a special couple, it certainly won’t disappoint. Browse early and you could find many value-for-money late holiday deals to Dubai. Here are 6 things no visitor to Dubai should miss:

1. BurjKhalifa: As the world’s tallest structure, Dubai’s BurjKhalifa is certainly not to be missed on any trip to the city. With 160 floors, the building is significantly taller than anywhere else on earth. The observation deck, while it may seems sufficiently high, is only about halfway up the monumental structure. Few people, however, are allowed beyond the 124th floor in any circumstances. Visitors can take some truly breathtaking pictures from the BurjKhalifa, so don’t forget to bring along your camera.

2. The Dubai Fountain: One of the most exciting attractions in Dubai is the giant fountain in front of the Dubai Mall. Jets shoot water up to 500 feet in the air, and every thirty minutes there are shows where the water dances in time to spectacular music.

3. Explore the Sand Dunes: Although much of Dubai is urban, just outside of the city are sand dunes ready to be explored. Be driven through the incredible landscape in a Hummer or rent your own 4×4 to explore the area.

4. The Global Village: As Dubai is such an international city, it makes sense to visit this exciting Global Village, which gets set up each winter in the city. Countries from around the world are represented with displays and stalls selling souvenirs and foods from each destination.

5. Souks: There are two major souks, or markets, within Dubai. The gold souk, as the name implies, sells high quality gold in large quantities. Amazingly, you can bargain with the vendors for bars of nuggets of 22 carat gold. Near to the gold souk is the spice souk, which offers the same experience but sells a wide range of spices to locals and visitors alike.

6. The Dubai Mall: This is one of the major attractions for visitors to the area. Not only is the mall home to over one thousand stores, many of the upscale luxury brands, but is also home to an indoor aquarium and even an indoor ice skating rink.

With so much to do and see in Dubai, it is a wonderful place to consider on your next holiday. Don’t forget to also check out a Dubai desert safari for an exhilaration experience! From shopping to historical landmarks and modern structures, Dubai has it all.

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  1. Loren
    August 6, 2013 at 4:54 am #

    Really nice..6 things should be visit in Dubai. Thanks for sharing.


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