Top Tourist Attractions In Togo

The top tourist attractions in Togo are some of the nicest places to see in Western Africa. Togo is an elongated, narrow country bordered by Ghana, Beninon, and Burkina Faso. Its roads are decent for traveling, the distance between tourist spots are short, and the locals are friendly. Home to white sand beaches and mountains, Togo makes an interesting travel destination.

As with any country, the best place to start your trip is the capital city. Lome holds that title for Togo. From Lome, you can take day trips to Lake Togo and Aneho. Lake Togo is famous for Togoville, a small town frequented by tourists because of its voodoo shrines and historic attractions. Aneho is situated by the ocean and popular for its beaches. Two affordable places to stay in Lome are Chez Alice in Avepozo and Villa Suedoise in Aneho. The former is a few miles off the city and has a few restaurants nearby while the latter provides amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. While in Lome, make sure to take some time to explore local markets.



If you head north to Kpalime, you’ll find that it’s befitting for hikers, trekkers, and simple nature lovers. The coffee-growing region has a pleasant weather and offers stunning views. Further north is Kara, another city apt for hikers. The Tamberma Valley is just nearby where some of the top tourist attractions in Togo can be found. The area is known to have these castle-like structures called Tata or Takienta. These tower houses are made of mud and straw by the Batammariba people.

If you want to see wildlife, the national parks of Keran and Fazao are places to go. There are only a few nature reserves in Togo but these two are the best. Fazao Makafassa National Park is on the mid-western portion of the country whereas Keran National Park is on the far north. Keran has one of the largest elephant populations in the world. It also provides plenty of excursions up the mountains and some waterfalls.

Most of the top tourist attractions in Togo are located on the north but in reality, the country draws much of its allure from a friendly people.


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