Top Tourist Attractions In Tanzania

When one speaks of top tourist attractions in Tanzania, price the images that first come to mind would probably involve African safari rides and the sight of beautiful and equally intimidating animals like lions and hyenas. Well, pharmacy for the most part, this expectation is on point. But there are a number of other highlights in this country that travelers can look forward to seeing.

Among the interesting fact about Tanzania is that it is actually the largest country in the continent, with a few semi-autonomous areas; it is geographically diverse, thereby giving people a number of interesting tourism highlights; as well as the oldest, with a number of archeological finds that date back almost 2 million years.

Arte Rupestre em Kondoa Rock Art site at Kondoa

Arte Rupestre em Kondoa Rock Art site at Kondoa

With that being said, it is understandable that one of the top tourist attractions in Tanzania is the historical site of Isimila Gorge, which is believed to be a settlement created during the Stone Age. It is found 20 kilometers from Iringa and provides people an impressive collection of tools and red sandstone pillars, which have survived the test of time. And then, there are the Kondoa rock art sites, which present the earliest known rock paintings in the world, estimated to be more 30,000 years old.

Of course, that’s not all what people can look forward to when they get to this part of the world. As previously established, Tanzania does have a number of natural parks, the most popular and oldest being the Serengeti National Park. Dubbed as a World Heritage Site, this parcel of Africa actually bears witness to annual migrations of some six million animals, from zebras to wildebeests, black rhinos, elephants, spotted hyenas, lions, cheetahs, impalas, wild dogs and even birds.

It covers an area of 5,700 miles, composed of grasslands and dense forests as well as a collection of watering holes, which makes it a suitable habitat for all kinds of animals. Today, guests can take advantage of hot air balloons and jeep tours, wilderness picnics and game drives to pass the time. And if they are interested in other allures, there’s the Ngorongoro Conservation area nearby on top of Lake Victoria.

Coastline off Zanzibar.

Coastline off Zanzibar.

But if you think the top tourist attractions in Tanzania ends there, then you’re up for a pleasant surprise since you’d also be treated to great beach escapes on some of its offshore territories. Zanzibar is among the country’s famous beach sites. And it is a recommendable pit stop for a luxurious vacation experience. Here, you could indulge in some snorkeling, diving and dolphin watching. But if you can’t afford the accommodations there, you could head on over to Mafia Island instead, which also features amazing diving and snorkeling spots. If you’re lucky, you might even get to swim with whale sharks during your stay. And to put an exclamation point to your Tanzania excursion, you should climb Mount Kilimanjaro and conquer one of the highest peaks in the world.


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