Top Tourist Attractions in Ghana

The top tourist attractions in Ghana are appetizing.  The West African country Ghana is one of the best tourist destinations in the region. It was even listed as one of the world’s top ten destinations. It’s a safe country for travel and crime rates are low compared to its neighbors. The worst thing that could happen to you is get mugged or stolen from; crimes that you can easily avoid with some precautions.

Not having been there you’re probably wondering how their food is like. It’s really a common concern for both first-time and experienced travelers. In this short guide you will learn more about the country’s cuisine which makes exploring the top tourist attractions in Ghana more worthwhile.

Dishes in Ghana typically consists root crops like yam or cassava. An example of this is fufu, drugs a traditional meal which contains pounded balls of cassava, viagra buy plantain, or yam. These are served with soup and some fish or goat meat. Their soups normally have ground nuts, okra, palm nut, and several other vegetables. Banku is a different version of fufu and uses fermented corn instead of plantain or root crops. It is usually paired with either grilled tilapia or okra soup.

Jollof rice

Jollof rice

Plantain fruits and root crops like yams and sweet potatoes are also commonly used to make snacks. Take for example the kelewele, a fried plantain snack complete with spices. Rice is also a staple in Ghana although locals don’t consider rice dishes a meal at all. Most restaurants in the country serve Jollof rice. While it tastes differently depending on the cook, it usually is white rice with cooked vegetables, meat, and spices. Waakye, a combination of rice and beans, is another example of a rice dish commonly served throughout Ghana. It is usually accompanied by gari, a powdered ground cassava.

Ghana food is relatively cheap. A meal would cost you GH?7.00 at most. A dinner consisting of shrimps and lobsters usually costs just GH?6.00.


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