Top Tourist Attractions in Cape Verde

Any scuba diver knows that the sight of a healthy, unpolluted coral reef is awe-inspiring which is one of the top tourist attractions in Cape Verde. But with a quarter of the world’s coral reefs gone, fewer places are left for underwater sightseeing. With all coral reefs predicted to be gone by 2020, a quarter of the sea’s aquatic life is bound to be extinct. The following jaw-dropping scuba diving sites are there to remind us of the sea’s bounties and why we should take action in preserving them.

5) Buck Island, U.S. Virgin Islands

The marine garden surrounding it is one of the finest in the Caribbean. Protected by the government, the island and its coral reefs are filled with living creatures such as the brown pelican and hawksbill turtle. It has an underwater trail that’s quite popular among snorkelers.

4) Belize Barrier Reef

It is the world’s second largest barrier reef and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Snorkeling, fishing, and water sports activities are available to its tourists. Scuba divers will be appeased by the reef’s clear visibility and different types of reef formations.

Green sea turtle swimming over the coral reef.

Green sea turtle swimming over the coral reef.

3) Cape Verde Islands, West Africa

The lava shoal reefs around these islands are among the top tourist attractions in Cape Verde. Many of them are formed around ship wrecks. Its waters are home to a variety of marine life such as dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and sharks. Underwater caves and aquatic plants are other sights to see around these islands.

Between March and April, Humpback and grey whales may be seen migrating into nearby waters. They add to the islands’ jaw-dropping factor for scuba diving.

2) Wakatobi National Marine Park, Indonesia

The remote marine preserve encompasses four islands. It is one of the most diverse and beautiful coral reefs in the world. The marine park has more than 40 diving sites scattered across its four islands. Many of them are shallow enough for snorkeling.

1) Tumbalen, Bali

It is said to be the one of the world’s most diverse coral environment. Species you won’t find anywhere else live here. The most beautiful reefs in this area are near the Lombok Strait harbor and Amuk Bay.


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