Top Tourist Attractions In Gambia

These cheeky monkeys in the Abuko Nature Reserve are just one of the top tourist attractions In Gambia...!

The top tourist attractions in Gambia might not be that popular compared to the highlights found in other African countries. However, thumb they are in no way inferior.

Like Uganda or Kenya, stomach Gambia is also blessed with a rich and amazing landscape. And even though it is the smallest country on the continent, drugs it does host quite a large array of points of interest. So those who intentionally seek it out will be in for a very memorable vacation experience.

Among the top tourist attractions in Gambia is the Abuko Nature Reserve and here, guests can easily shift their excitement between a refreshing coastline and shady paths that are inhabited by monkeys, chameleons and bushbucks on top of galagos, mongooses, and African palm civets.

Although there is that danger of coming across crocodiles, cobras and green mambas which are also common in the area, they are actually in a controlled space. Hence, there is a very slim chance they would pose any danger to your or your family.

If this does not make you comfortable though, you could head on to the town of Bakau for that refreshing dip in the ocean. And if you find the local watering hole to be a little public for your tastes, you could check out other sights in the vicinity like the Kachikally Crocodile Pool and Botanical Gardens.

As an alternative to the given top tourist attractions in Gambia, you could check out the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve, found on the north bank of River Gambia. Although you will not be able to enjoy water-based activities in this area given the questionable quality of the water, you could still have a nice time immersing yourself in the country’s wildlife.

Bao Bolong is home to multiple ecosystems, with mangroves growing at a height of 20 meters, and savannahs overwhelmed by several species of figs. If you’re patient, you might even get to spot some grey herons, woodland kingfishers, and northern pintails.

There are about 540 species of birds that reside in this area, making it a great bird watching destination. And if you are fond of mammals, this place would certainly not disappoint with its antelopes, spotted hyenas, and leopards. Indeed, this park is one of the best places in West Africa to view wildlife!

If these do not speak to your ideal vacation encounter, then the Makasutu Cultural Forest should be able to entertain you. Set on the banks of the Mandina Bolong River, this particular pit stop not only gives guests a safe venue to interact with Gambia’s monitor lizards and baboons, it also affords them a boat ride, a game drive and performances made by local tribes.

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