Top Reasons To Visit Uganda

The top reasons to visit Uganda are something any wildlife fan would have already come across. And knowing that this country is set in Africa should clarify a few things. But not a lot of people appreciate the tourism prospects in this area in lieu of alternatives. Well, one thing foreigners can appreciate about this place is its diverse collection of animals. There is nowhere in the world you’d get to see the most mountain gorillas than in Uganda. Moreover, Uganda’s geography hosts a number of stunning natural attractions that would satisfy the cravings of any type of tourist, from any part of the world.

Uganda mountain gorilla

Uganda mountain gorilla

To begin with, it is vital to highlight the numerous national parks and game reserves in the area as it is one of the top reasons to visit Uganda. You can’t plan a trip here without considering spending a few days touring the savannah and looking for Africa’s famous animals. In Murchison Falls National Park, people will get to appreciate a bounty of buffalos, elephants, leopards, and lions, aside from the stunning Murchison Falls, which is quite a tempestuous body of water, only 7 meters wide, and fed by the Nile.

There used to be a population of white rhinos in the area until they were driven extinct by poachers. So now, they are forced bred on the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, located 70 kilometers south of the park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is also equally popular as far as tourism goes. But to appreciate the famous mountain gorillas of the country, one must have to tour the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on the southwestern end. As an added bonus, there are chimpanzees as well as Columbus monkeys in the area that should provide you some amusement.

Lake Kyoga, Uganda from space.

Lake Kyoga, Uganda from space.

In addition to the aforementioned, another one of the top reasons to visit Uganda you should think about going to is Lake Victoria, which is one of the African Great Lakes and the largest tropical lake, by far, in the whole world. It is supplied by the Kagera River and gives birth to the White Nile and Katonga River, which runs through the rest of the country. And here, people can enjoy boat rides and fishing excursions as well as bungee jumping and white water rafting upstream.

The Ssese Islands is a stretch of land found on Victoria lake that hosts a bit of flora as well as a handful of beaches. You could spend a day touring it but swimming is not encouraged because of possible bilharzia infection. Now, if that does not appeal to you, the Rwenzori Mountains offers an alternative source of enjoyment, rising above the floor at 4000 meters. And here, you’ll also get to enjoy river trekking as well as skiing, aside from climbing. Also known as the Mountains of the Moon, Rwenzori is known to be the highest peak in Uganda. So at the very top, you’d be able to revel at the marvelous view it presents.


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