Top Reasons To Visit Lesotho

Magnificent ruins and breathtaking views are some of the top reasons to visit Lesotho.  Located high in the mountains of South Africa, this aptly named “Kingdom in the Sky” is a marvelous country with great views of mountains, lakes and landscapes.  And while the Kingdom of Lesotho is not as well-known as its neighbor, South Africa, it does offer a lot of tourism potentials, with the numerous natural treasures it offers.

Landscape of Lesotho

Landscape of Lesotho

Here are some of the top reasons to visit Lesotho:

Adventure.  The beauty of nature and the ruggedness of the kingdom’s landscapes allow for a great deal of adventurous activities, one of the top reasons to visit Lesotho.  Explore Lesotho’s natural attractions on a mountain bike, or a more traditional way of traveling, on the back of a Basotho pony which will take you to some of the most scenic places which are completely inaccessible by any mode of transportation.

For more adrenaline rush, you can indulge on hiking, mountain climbing, or even skiing in Oxbow.

Lesotho also allows you fishing and birdwatching opportunities with its abundant waters and a diverse bird life.

Cultural and historical.  Lesotho boasts of a great number of cultural and historical attractions such as the Habaroana Rock Art Interpretation Centre, with its collection of well-preserved rock art, and  Thaba-Bosiu, the famous mountain fortress which is said to be the cradle of the Kingdom of Lesotho.

 Get a chance to see Indigenous arts and cultures, by visiting the Basotho Cultural Village, or witnessing the Morija Arts and Cultural Festival, with activities aiming to educate both locals and tourists alike about the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Lesotho.

 Natural attractions and great, scenic views.  Whether you opt to explore Lesotho in the comforts of a 4X4, or by a pony ride, one can never ignore the splendid natural beauty the country has to offer, from scenic mountain landscapes, to majestic waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

Its rich and diverse flora and fauna, whether on land, water or air is also noteworthy.  Check out Lesotho’s nature reserves such as the Bokong Nature Reserve and the Tsehlanyane National Park, where you can spot Lesotho’s rich plant and animal life. If you’re traveling to Lesotho, it would be a smart idea to look into Sesotho translation services for important documents you might need there.

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