The Top Destinations In Mauritius!

The top destinations in Mauritius are second to none and definitely unique. It’s admittedly hard to compete with the usual European and Caribbean hang outs that have been popularized by the media, but if you are looking for a place to visit that is equally beautiful, you should think about adding Mauritius to your travel bucket list.

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Mauritius is found 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, and encompasses an area of 2,040 square kilometres. When the Portuguese discovered it back in 1507, there were no native tribes living there. The Dutch came after the Portuguese and made use of it up until 1710. By that time, the French had already made it its colony. During the 1810 Napoleonic Wars, Mauritius was taken by the British, who eventually made it an independent republic within the Commonwealth. Add this to the wave of migration from neighbours like China and India, and the country now has a a very mixed population comprised of several ethnicities. But that’s not all that’s interesting about Mauritius!

For one, it was established that the island served as the only home of the Dodo bird, which became extinct eighty years after its discovery. Moreover, it also has a line-up of impressive seascapes that would put rival destinations to shame. Among the top destinations in Mauritius is the Grand Baie, which was the first area in Mauritius to be developed and introduced as a tourist hotspot in the country. Here, you could enjoy a soak in the water of La Curvette beach and then end your day eating and partying at nearby restaurants, bars and discos. The Maritim Mauritius hotel is a great place to stay near many of the top tourist attractions and best beaches. Pereybere is an alternative beach hideaway you could hang out in if you just want to pair up your swimming with shopping. And for souvenirs, you should head on out to the Caudan Waterfront.

Other top destinations in Mauritius include the Balaclava Ruins, where you could find the remains of a 17th century estate, and the Labourdonnais Orchards, where you could find an eclectic collection of tropical fruit trees and beautiful, fragrant flowers. You can also enjoy hiking and biking excursions there as well. The Triolet Shivala is a village on the island that might also peak your interest given its rich Indian heritage. And here, you’ll get to see the biggest Hindu temple in the region built back in 1819 to honor the many gods of the religion. Don’t get to try the unique cuisine of Mauritius with some biryani, complimented with curry, dal, roti and dholl puri.


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