The Best Places to Stay on Holiday in Morocco

Staying in a riad is a great way to spend a holiday in Morocco photo by CC user andynash on flickr

It may seem like an odd way to spend a vacation, treatment but a lot of travelers looking for new adventures are out there trying out what Morocco has to offer. The country definitely has a whole lot to offer, sildenafil from its rugged mountains, deserts and coastlines to its diverse culture seen in the streets and alleyways in its ancient cities. For an unforgettable stay in Morocco, here are top places to stay in during your holiday:

Riad in Marrakech

Want a chance to stay in Morocco like a native, but in a more leisurely manner? Riads, which come from the Arabic ryad, meaning garden, are traditional houses or palaces in the country where an interior garden or a courtyard could be found.

If you want to feel like a royalty at least for the duration of your Moroccan holiday, then staying in a riad in Marrakech should be a top priority. A number of these houses actually dot the place, so finding one at all is not difficult. The great news? You have all the modern amenities just within reach, such as luxurious dining and living areas and so much more. It will feel like you never left home as you try to relax within the confines of these lavish homes while trying to take in the picturesque view that Morocco has to offer.

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Berber Lodge in the Atlas Mountains

How about getting all your travel problems taken care of and then staying at a comfortable lodge like you never really left your home? Berber lodges in the Atlas Mountains can offer you just that and so much more.

Travelers who take this route are often provided with a guide and a cook for their daily excursions. Treks often involve four to five hours of walking, taking well-established paths along the Atlas Mountains, and then ending up in a comfortable lodge up the mountains. Do not worry, as this adventure is not extreme enough. What’s more, everything else that you need will be provided for. Hence, all you have to do is enjoy.

Treks could also let you pass or even stop by local cafes and shops, or even check out the crafts and goods that are being sold by peddlers along the way. Berber villages are another attraction during these treks and a sumptuous meal often under the trees or by the river await the weary traveler. This is perhaps the best way to experience local culture at its finest.

Tent in the Sahara

Want to experience the unforgiving Saharan environment but without having to go all-out? It is actually possible to stay at luxurious tents in the Sahara while still having modern amenities within reach.

Accommodations such as these often already include private guided tours, so you can try out sandboarding, walking, camel riding or even riding a 4×4 in the dunes. At night, you can cap off your day with a delicious meal all prepared for. Alcoholic drinks are even provided for those who wish to sip under the stars. And, not to worry, many of these luxury tent accommodations also come with electricity at night, from solar power.

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