It’s Safe To Travel To Egypt Now

Soon after Napoleon invaded Egypt in the early 19th century, prostate Egyptology was established which then sparked the world’s interest for the mystical North African country. Egyptology pretty much established Egypt’s current position in tourism. However, recent political turmoil and other safety issues have tarnished the country’s popularity among foreign tourists. But with more recent government reforms and prompt actions to “keep the bad guys away”, Egypt has once again become a safe travel destination.  Right now since everyone else is scared to travel to Egypt its a great time to save money and even find very cheap accommodation.

More than a decade ago, news broke out that a group of criminals attacked a few tourists who were then at the Hatshepsut Temple of Luxor. The unfortunate event warded tourists away from Southern Egypt for years. What tourists were not aware of was that security in every monument in Luxor was immediately reinforced after the attack at Hatshepsut Temple.

Seven years after the incident at Luxor, the country’s tourism industry came across another major stumbling block when Sharm El Sheikh was bombed. After that event, tourism didn’t just decrease in the region but throughout the country as well. Even so, a large number of tourists didn’t cancel their flights to Egypt at that time even though they had the chance. Two weeks after the bombing, one tourist even said “I feel secure in Sharm El Sheikh, more than my own country”.

Egypt Giza Sphinx

The most recent event in Egypt which warded off foreign tourists was the people’s revolution against the government. This revolution began on January 25, 2011. Travel advisories against traveling to Egypt spread like wildfire across many countries. However, the people’s revolution has already ended and corrupt high government officials like former president Hosny Mubarak and his sons, Alaa and Gamal have already been put to jail.

The end of the people’s revolution marked the return of normal daily life in Egypt. The police withdrew from the streets where the revolution took place to guard the rest of the country. All museums, ancient Egyptian monuments, and other attractions have also reopened. Once again, Egypt is ready to accept foreign tourists with arms wide open. Once again, Egypt has become a safe travel destination.

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