Best Time To Visit Senegal

When it comes to knowing the best time to visit Senegal, cialis there are two considerations one should look at in order to identify it. The first factor that is close to the heart of individual tourists is the culture of the country. As far as this African nation is concerned, ailment the major religion in Senegal is Islam while a relatively huge minority follows the Christian faith. The religious holidays can lure tourists for a variety of purposes. Some of the intentions to join these holidays are for academic exploration while others simply join them for the spirit of celebration and revelry. While important religious and national events could entice travelers, case these aspects are optional. This brings us to another aspect of defining the condition of tourism – the weather. Climate is an unstoppable phenomenon and it creates the atmosphere one can experience while visiting the place. It is important to take weather into serious account when visiting a foreign country like Senegal.

Landscape of Casamance, Senegal

Landscape of Casamance, Senegal

1. All days between November and February

The best time to visit Senegal can fall anytime between the months of November and February. During this interval, everyone can experience cool and dry climate. This kind of weather is very ideal for outdoor activities such as bird watching and viewing the country’s wildlife. Although these four months have a very favorable atmosphere, in some rare instances dry desert winds could hit the city and create mild sand storms.

2. Eid al-Moulid and Ramadan

As mentioned earlier, Islam is a religion followed by the majority of the Senegalese. Two of the most important Muslim holidays recognized in this country are namely the Eid al-Moulid and the Ramadan. Eid al-Moulid can technically be considered the strictest equivalent of a Muslim Christmas because it is the celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. Ramadan, apparently, is the more popular Islamic feast of supplication that involves one month of fasting. Their dates, however, are not regular.

3. Christmas and Easter

What is so interesting about this country is that unlike other Islamic nations, Senegal has a large Christian population. This means Christmas and Easter could be the best time visit Senegal. Like in other countries, Christmas is celebrated around the 25th day of December. Easter Sunday falls does not fall on a regular specific month and is subject to the cyclic changes of the Roman calendar.

4. Saint-Louis Jazz and Kay Fecc Dance Festivals

If you are looking for celebration in the name of the country’s music culture, one should watch out for the months of May and June. Every month of May, the annual Saint-Louis Jazz festival is held nationwide. In the following month, the Kay Fecc dance feast is also widely honored by the people of Senegal. These events could be interesting for visitors who wish to learn how far Western music has influenced the local society.

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