3 Beach Escapes In North Africa

Sousse Beach in Tunisia is one of 3 North African beach escapes to hit this winter!

It seems that in recent years, seek the winters have been getting colder and rougher across the Northern Hemisphere.  Whatever the cause, malady it has turned the task of enduring the dreary months into a much more arduous task than before. While some say that remaining calm and carrying on in face of all this misery is said to be a prerequisite for being a resident of the British Isles, sale the soul can only take so much after years of suffering in the colder, wetter and darker months in silence.

You’ve worked hard to get to this stage in your career where you are finally making some serious cash; it’s high time for you to finally collect your just reward. Take some time to recover your vitality this year by taking a beach holiday on the exotic shores of North Africa.

If you do not wish to leave your favourite luxury sedan sitting alone in your driveway for weeks on end, let the fine folks at Heathrow Valet Parking take care of your baby for you while you are lounging on the alluring sands of one of the following 3 North African beach escapes…

1) El Gouna, Egypt

Built along the shores of the crystalline waters of the Red Sea, El Gouna is a side of Egypt that gets forgotten by those who only associate this country with the Great Pyramids of Giza. Six miles of beach that sit behind an ocean that boasts unearthly hues of blue is the prime draw here, with plenty of opportunity to snorkel or SCUBA dive amongst the vibrant coral reefs located just offshore.

Those looking to up the excitement ante a few more notches can try out the kite-surfing in the windier months of the year, while guests looking to knock the rust off their golf game will jump at the chance to play 18 holes at El Gouna Ancient Sands golf club, a course designed by none other than Fred Couples!

2) Agadir, Morocco

Blessed with a climate that is the polar opposite of England’s steady diet of liquid sunshine, Agadir, Morocco gets an ample supply of the genuine article, with 300 days spent underneath the life-giving orb per year. With plenty of boats in the harbour, it is a common activity to rent one for the day to enjoy a day on the baby blue waters upon the warmer side of the Mediterranean.

Those who have always wanted to take up surfing will have a golden opportunity here, as the waves get high enough to take to the waters, but not so much that it discourages novices. Finally, Souk El Had is a market that one should check out for a little foreign flavour in their holiday, as it has over 3,000 stalls of Moroccan handicrafts and products waiting to find a new owner … brush up on your haggling skills!

3) Sousse, Tunisia

Despite the Arab Spring insurrection that happened several years ago here, Tunisia is still very much open for business these days, with a strip of powdery sand, inviting waters, and elegant hotels eager to have your business.

After a long day spent working on your tan upon your sunbed, the cities’ many seafood restaurants will be waiting to serve you fresh off the boat delicacies, and the lounges await with their underutilized hookah pipes.  During an off-day from the sands, check out Sousse’s cultural attractions, which contain relics from a culture that has been present here since the 9th century.

While the masses crowd into resorts in Southeast Asia this winter, kick back and relax in the lesser known (but no less exotic) beach locales of North Africa.  You’ll get the rejuvenation you need from the bright sun above, while experiencing a different culture than most on your mid-winter holiday!

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