Using the Singapore Tourist Pass – Important Things to Know

Once you are in Singapore, you can buy the Singapore tourist pass, which is an EZ-link card that gives you the chance to access various opportunities. If you do not know what it can do for you, it is crucial to inquire before you buy it. You can research by reading insightful publications like this one.

These cards are packaged differently to suit the needs of different travelers while in Singapore. You can buy a card for a day, 2 days, or 3 days. They have pros and cons, especially when it comes to matters related to money. But before we look at that, let’s talk about some basic things that you need to know about these cards.

  •             If you buy the cards, their usage should be on consecutive days. This applies to 2 and 3-day cards.
  •             The one-day card ceases to be valid at 11:59 PM of the same day.
  •             They offer unlimited travel, but only for public buses and trains. If you are planning to use premium travel services, you will have to pay extra.

Singapore Tourist Pass

This offers 1-3 days pass with an unlimited pass on basic public transport. These include public buses and MTR. For this pass, adults will pay 10, 16, and 20 dollars respectively. If you want to get rental services, you will have to pay $10, which is refundable. You can discuss more about the benefits of this when getting your Singapore visa from a reliable agent.

SG Tourist Pass

This is a pass that gives you unlimited access to public transport on buses, LRT, and MTR. The other benefits to enjoy with this is that you will not pay a deposit if you want to hire a private premium transport. Usually, this pass is valid for 3 days. You will part with $25 for adults.

Singapore Tourist Pass Plus

After paying $38, you will get this EZ-link card to start your 3 days of unlimited rides on public transport like public buses, LRT, and MRT. This does not require you to make a deposit for any other transport services in Singapore. On top of all of these benefits, you will enjoy various bundle deals that are not only interesting but money-saving.

Where to Buy the GTP

After arriving in Singapore, there are many places where you can buy these EZ-link cards. Changi, as the starting point for many people who arrive in the city-state, has a ticket selling office. However, you can buy from any Automated STP kiosk or TransitLink ticket office that are distributed all over the country. Various websites usually have map links to show you the nearest point to buy your STP. So, you can make the decision either after entering the country or after staying for a few days once you have finished your business errands and now you want to enjoy the travel system.


Enjoying your Singapore tourist pass in the best way is easy now that you know the different types and how to use them. If it does not make economic sense to you because of how you want to travel, you can opt to skip the cards and pay for transport just like the locals.


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